Love My New M9A1. Mag Question

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by DJDan, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. DJDan

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    Hello owner, new to the board!
    I've wanted an M9A1 since I ran across them over a year ago but never got around to buying one. I recently came across a new one for about $350 and had to go for it. I handled one previously at a gun show and it felt like it was built for my hands. I'd heard pretty good things about them...basically that they were a top notch pistol that kind of flew under the radar. I really think this will be a favorite for years to come. I'm only sorry I didnt buy one sooner.'d it shoot? Wonderful.


    Recoil was easily managed.
    Trigger was crisp, clean and a pleasure to pull. I'd say this is the best factory trigger I've ever used.
    Sights were very easy to adjust to and fast to aquire targets.
    Great grip angle. I really like the way this gun points...I normally shoot XD's and the angle is similar...much better than the Glocks I have held.

    Plastic Guide Rod (soon to be replaced by BigTaco)
    I personally don't like the slide finish....the dulness of it...the feeling of it on my hands. I'll have it NP3ed by Robar when time and money allow.
    Lack of aftermarket parts.

    I put 100 rounds downrange and was thrilled with the way this thing shot. The brass was hitting me in the head but I've read that stops happening after the first couple hundred rounds or so. No big was kind of funny. I'm excited to have my new A1 and happpy to be part of the board.

    A quick question before I go....where is the cheapest place to pick up some high-caps for my gun? I've seen them for around $30 and was hoping I could find them for less....let me know.

  2. clemsonsteyger

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    I am assuming that you found the mags at CDNN.

    I picked up two mags after my gun bag was stolen for $70 bucks or so ($30 a piece + Shipping). I found one at my local gun shop for $25. I don't know of a better place to pick them up.


  3. Syntax360

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    You mean full-cap mags? CDNN and OnPoint are two vendors that come to mind. What aftermarket items do you wish were available that are presently not?

    Welcome to the club!
  4. DJDan

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    Honestly. :wink:

    Lasermax Guide Rod
    Tritium Trap Sights
    Metal Trigger

    You asked, so I'm dreaming. In no way am I disappointed in the gun...these are only wishful thinking.

    Yeah...I looked at CDNN for "full-cap :lol: " mags. I was just hoping to save a little money if possible, but no big deal. I like to stock up on "full-cap" mags just in case!
  5. Syntax360

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    Big Taco has toyed with the idea of a laser guide rod - I have faith he could do it, but it'd be a gamble and you'd probably have to talk him into it. Wulf is working on the tritium traps - I have faith we'll at least see this one come to fruition. Why would one want a metal trigger? My USP's trigger is plastic, too, now that you mention it...

    Just curious - I like hearing feedback on the aftermarket stuff - maybe if we talk enough, someone will try to make a buck...
  6. bigtaco

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    a metal trigger wouldn't exhibit any flex.

    machining a new trigger/trigger bar WITHOUT a safety would be relatively easy. machining one with a trigger safety in the design of the factory unit is basically impossible with manual machines, highly difficult with cnc, and best done with investment casting.

    it's something i've toyed with doing. but the liability of selling bang buttons completely scares me away.

    the biggest problem with tri-trap night sites is getting the glowing part to look like a triangle. putting a dot in the triangle isn't tough. putting dots in the factory rear isn't impossible. but who wants dots? not many that i've spoken with.

    even if i machined the sights from scratch, until someone or some company sells lens material made for diffusing the soft glow of tritium, the tri-trap night sights won't happen.

    i think lasers are great!!! keeps your eyes on the target, which is where you'll naturally want them to be when the SHTF. think about how much we continuously train, "front sight! front sight!! front sight!!!" it's because we WANT to look at the target. enter the laser.

    the glock guide rod is smaller in every dimension except length. assuming that one could machine an electrically conductive adapter, it' very possible to slam one in there. my beef with lasermax is the activation switch. for me, a pressure activated switch is the only way to fly. i've racked my brain trying to figure out how to get a laser in the guide rod, but have the switch in the grip. to no avail.

    when coupled with the fact that the newer a1 series does not have the frame cutout for the manual safety tabs, a user would have to drastically alter their firearm to install any switching device.

    if anyone has the brains to solve any of these problems, let me know!!! i'll make it happen if someone points me down the concept trail.
  7. DJDan

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    The more I think about it the more I realize my M9-A1 is great the way it is. I'll do a NP3 Robar finish when budget allows. Other than that I have BT's guide rod on order and I'll be set!

    No need to strap a bunch of crap all over this fine pistol.



    All I need are mags mags mags!!!

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    "No need to strap a bunch of crap all over this fine pistol."

    +1 8)
  9. Netfotoj

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    One of BT's captured spring guide rods and a bit of trigger smoothing, plus a Hogue Handall grip is all I've done and ever expect to do with my M357-A1. (Plus a couple of "full-capacity" mags by *cough-wulf*!)

    The more I shoot her, the sweeter she gets! Who needs custom work? Not me. :mrgreen: