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  1. Ok, its an anti-gun movie about the evil of selling guns to third world nations.

    However, I LOVED THIS MOVIE. A very solid and believable script backed up by decent acting and enough action to hold interest. Its a heavy movie in many respects, but there is some light humor used at times to keep the audience from being depressed. I did not feel that the anti-gun message was too heavy handed to ruin it for me and I consider myself a very pro-gun advocate. The movie is very violent and is not for younger viewers. My girlfriend sat through the entire "gun" movie and enjoyed it a great deal, which is rare.

    Its not going to win Oscars, but it is worth the price of admission. See it if you're a theater buff and certainly grab it up when its on DVD.
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    Nic does some decent movies.
    National Treasure wasn't an award winner either, but it's a great movie and has some American History in it. Something that is lacking in todays public schools.

    I hope to see it before it leaves the theators. Then I will probably buy the DVD

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    I heard the only really heavy handed anti-gun moment was a preachy little speach by Ethan Hawk's character, an ATF agent I believe. It looks really entertaining an I will see it, if not on the big screen than on DVD.

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    Agreed! Good flick. I like complex characters. I felt the message was more against war and arms proliferation than actually anti-gun. A subtle difference for sure, but that's probably why it's not really striking chords with us gun nuts.