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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by eazyeddie, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. eazyeddie

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    does any one use there ma1 for compatition
    any one use it for idpa or ipsc and how do they preform in comp

  2. bigtaco

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    back when i had free time and money for ammo, i shot ipsc every weekend with my m9.

    it works great. the tri-trap sights are easy to pick up when your moving and shooting. with the negligible recoil, close doubletaps are an aim once, squeeze twice affair.

    i tended to win stages that were close. which, considering that i was not competitive in the qualifier type stages where we would do things like weak hand head shot at 25 yards, says to me that the steyr had an exceptionally mild and flat recoil with a trigger that allowed incredibly fast multiple shots.

    bottom line, for a guy like me, who's not willing to really practice as much as necessary to be truly competitive, who's not really concerned with winning the match, who's not attaching self-worth to the outcome of the match, a guy who shoots his best and is still 5 seconds behind the pace, the m9 is an entirely complimentary range companion.

    for those that want to bring home the gold or whatever, a 5 " barrel in a double/single with it's longer sight radius and light/crisp trigger after the first round can potentially score a few more A hits at the longer ranges, while being supa fast on follow up shops.

    but i'm not carrying a double single with a five inch barrel... ever...

  3. midtnshooter

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    Hey Eddie,

    I shoot my M40 A-1 competition IPSC. I don't shoot IDPA because no alterations to the pistol (entended mag release, etc) is not tolerated. Once you get the bug, it is hard to shake. If you don't have any modification plans, you can shoot both IPSC AND IDPA. Try to find a club that shoots both, if not shoot IPSC. Go to http://www.uspsa.org/ for more details. You can shoot basically anything from a 9mm to ? in IPSC.

    Have fun and Take Care,


    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I have used the M9 in IDPA and it is better than the Glocks and 1911 I used.