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Local Cop shop

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Is advertising the UAG as coming soon.
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I'd like to the 6.8 SPC round take, for moi, that round chambered in a Steyr semi-auto rifle would be nice.
I doubt the 6.8 round will ever truely take off, I don't see the need for a round in-between the 5.56 mm and the 7.62 mm thats a jack of all trades and master of none.

Will the AUG A-3 be available to joe six pack civilians or just LEO?
ministerofdeath said:
Will the AUG A-3 be available to joe six pack civilians or just LEO?
It will be available to both or to neither. If it is made here in the USA, then everyone can buy one. If it is made overseas, only Government purchases will be allowed. No sales to cops, military personnel, etc. The Presidential executive order remains in place and no foreign made AUGs to anyone unfortunately.
Yeah, that damn import ban...just holding out hope against hope that they'll be made available some how...some way. I hate the import ban with a passion.
DSA was talking with Steyr about 6 months ago about producing the AUG. The deal fell through because Steyr was thinking about producing the rifle themselves here. It could be done fairly easy. You would need to make 10 parts here. Easy items to make....Mag floor plate, Mag bodies, mag follower, Hammer, trigger, sear, flash hider, gas piston and charging handle . Harder to make items , receiver, barrel and stock. It could be done with an investment and several prime contractors. Lets hope!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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