Live RPG removed from soldier

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    A soldier in Aghanistan is impaled by a live Rocket Propelled Grenade that went through the windshield of his Humvee... and lives to tell the tale.

    Watch the video. Lot of heroes in this one, from his buddies getting him on the evac helicopter all the way to the operating room where he stays awake as the doctor removes the live grenade and finally an Explosive Ordnance Disposal guy hustles it out of the field hospital.

    Incredible! :mrgreen:
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    Thank you, Netfotoj--

    What an incredible story. As a student of history, I often muse, "Where are the Giants of today?" The Bible in recounting the history of the Holy Land says, "There were giants in the land in those days." Of course they are talking about the Zuzims, Emims, and sons of Gath (Goliath, etc.). But I think about giants like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Churchill, and so on--the Giants of our history and times.

    My conclusion is that great times call out great men. Greatness is resident in the hearts and minds of those who prepare themselves, and the intersection of their lives with great times calls out the greatness.

    When I listen to the tender hearts of the men who served the injured Warrior, I see greatness. The young doctor, (in fact everyone seems young), who sheds tears when asked why he risked his life. His answer: He could not allow a soldier to die. The munitions expert, who is choked up to recall the extraordinary tension as the RPG detonator is cut loose, and rocked and shifted to remove it from the soldier's body. The simple yet profound gratitude of the soldier himself. There are few better examples of greatness than in selfless service to others.

    Great times call out great men.



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    Incredible bravery and luck