light strikes a break in issue?

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    Got a couple of hundred rounds downrange w/ a new c9a1. Seems like a well made gun. Unfortunately I've had a small problem w/ light firing pin strikes. I'm hoping this might be a break in issue as I had 5-6 light strikes the first 100 rounds or so but only one today. I'm using reloads w/ S+b primers. I read on this forum somewhere the Steyr doesn't handle these primers well. I'm a little disappointed w/ that as my m&p and cz's aren't that picky. Could it be S+b primers are harder than CCI's? I was also wondering if this might be a case length issue. Some of my cases are a little long (though still within spec). This pistol seems to have a pretty tight chamber; is there any way that could cause a problem? In case anyone's wondering, the offending primers don't have the usual indentation in them, only a shallow dome shape.
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    There are several gun makers advising against S&B because of primer issues. It's not just confined to Steyr.

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    Hiya *cracker6 :)

    I use mostly Win small pistol primers for my small pistol primer reloads. Never hadda problem w/ 'em. I only use CCI small pistols primers when I couldn't get any Win. <shrug> The reason I say this isn't because the CCI's don't work well, but when I'm seating the primers with my RCBS hand primer, I can feel how smoothe the Winchester primers seat compared to the CCI's. <shrug>

    What could be happenin' in your Steyr is the striker channel is startin' ta carbon up or somethin' is cloggin' the pin channel.

    When ya getta chance, do a proper slide break down an' clean everything really well usin' q-tips in the striker channel, then lightly lube everything again, wipin' off the excess. It could be that you are experiencing some obstruction if its dirty or hydrolic buffering if ya over lube.

    BTW, while ya have the slide broke down, consider honing the striker rod an' addin' some BT Delrin Glide Rite spring cups for a smoother trigger action.

    Just a thought. <shrug>

    Oh, and if ya reuse a cartridge w/ the lightly dented primer and it detonates the next go-round, sounds like obstruction somewhere in the striker pin channel.

    Whatever happens, plz keep us in the loop.

    Take care, Bro.

    Wulf <-- prefers Win Small Pistol primers over CCI these days <shrug>
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    I've had really good luck with Federal primers - those are my first choice.

    I've had the light-strike problems, too. I had one or two per 50 round box with CCI primers, and when I made the mistake of buying some TulAmmo primers because it was all the store had left, I started getting 15 or so misfires per 50.
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    I don't think there's an obstruction in the striker channel as I've cleaned it already. Hydraulic buffering could have been an issue as I intentionally over lube my range guns; I had it pretty dry the past couple of trips to the range though. I'll stay away from hard primers from now on whenever possible. Federal is my favorite brand too. What do you mean by "honing the striker"? I'd kind of like to carry this gun if I could get the light strikes ironed out. I hate to be too picky about the ammo though. Does Speer use CCI primers? I think Speer and CCI are owned by the same company (ATK?) so it would make sense. My Steyr seems like a well made gun; I very much prefer it to the glock. The trigger is about as close the the 1911's as I'v seen --pretty crisp and short reset. I thought this might be a break in issue as I can see where a lot of rubbing is going on internally; the tolerances seem very close. I like the trap sights too though they take a little getting used to. Thanks for the help.