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Let's get this forum going again!

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I think we need people posting to this forum to get it going again. It seems a bit stale to me. Instead of just looking at the posts, let's post some topic's and ask some needed questions, and get some answers from the people that know. Just my humble opinion. Anyone have my opinion also? We can make this forum the best with all your help. Thank's, Uzi Geo.
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This definitely isn't the fastest flowing forum on the net, but I prefer occasional intelligent conversation to some of the mindless cluster I see on other forums. I do wish it were a bit more active around here, though.
I think some of the "quiet" period is due to Steyr itself.....with no new products, aftermarket items or even parts released from Steyr, you can only talk so much about the same guns....... :?
I've been a member since a few days before my m9 arrived from CDNN. I researched the gun here before I finally made the decision and all the information posted proved vital.
The tutorials are among the best on any subject I've found on the web and the literacy and enthusiasm found here makes this a very relaxing refuge from the usual bs and cynicism found in other clubs.
I've not contributed much in the grand scheme of things but I do love my m9 and being a member of a group that appears to be growing all the time. Wonderful to see those new print ads!
I enjoy my Tanfoglio Witness 45 as well but the CZ-clones-specific discussion group is pretty much dead as are many of the old standby newsgroups. There is lots of life here and usually something new to ponder or get a chuckle out of when I log in.
I enjoy the pix, the range reports and hearing about progress Steyr USA is making. This is my lifeline to all things STEYR so if you can come up with observations or polls you have a very willing participant in me whether I respond or not.
This is a terrific group and I enjoy being part of it.
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this site has a good number of people registered. it does have its dead days but also has its pretty busy days.

be nice to see some site traffic data

think its been picking up around here.
reminded of the early days of
hehehe... :p

Just a little lag time, Boys. <shrug> Some of it could be that its that time of the year when there's time to shoot 'em more and talk about 'em a little less. I'm still developing some loads for the 357 SIG using 357 140 gr JHP's resized to .356 using a Lee bullet resizer and lube kit. That's something I'm trying to make happen ASAP, but the dies are on back order. And, the triangular fiber optic rod being inserted into the front sight is about to happen, having finally received the front and back sights from our SAI friends. BTW, give ol' Jack Riddle an email clap on the back for his support in Steyrclub activities and interests when ya feel the love. ;) When the S-A1's are in more members' hands, I expect another rash of forum activity. So, if it were in our hands, what would we change in the next generation M & S Series to make them even more user friendly? Maybe that's a topic that could be addressed. Who knows, we could possibly get exactly what we ask for either from the factory or from the after market industry. Hmmm..."The Perfect M & S Series Pistol?" Whataya think, Boys? :p Give 'er Hell and don't hold back! :twisted: Oh well, just a thought. Hava great weekend.

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Well, I hope our SAI guys are reading our emails and have some clout.....The mother company just sounds like its not on the cutting edge of American Capitalism like Glock is............ :roll:
i just bought my aug and have questions, anybody tell me where to buy spare parts, mags, etc. i would love to here from other aug owners.
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