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Leg holster

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Does anyone here have any experience with leg holsters? the ones that attach to your belt but also wraps around your thigh.
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i have one

I have one...I like it....

I don't carry my gun daily...but i bought it should i ever want to carry while out plinking or something.

I prefer the low slung carry, and the thigh rig works great....can kinda block access to your pocket though....

Got it off of ebay last fall.
there is a comfort issue as well

For those of us in less than perfect shape...a thigh rig is nice because you don't have a gun stabbing you in the gut, or spare tire, which tends to hang out over the beltline a bit.... gut and spare tire are shrinking....none too fast however...the thigh rig is just fine for me for now....
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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