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What brand and model?:
- Wild Bill's Concealment Holsters Belt Slide

- Galco Concealable (for HK USP Compact)

Wait time?:
- None....eBay purchase

- Ditto

fit and finish?:
- Wild Bill's holster: Black leather; excellent fit; very concealable and at a perfect (for me) drawing angle; I use with both my M & S series guns.

- Galco holster: Havana brown leather; excellent fit (for a holster cut for another gun); VERY tight initially (and "squeaky"); seems a bit bulky but very concealable; excellent drawing angle; I also use this holster with both M & S series Steyrs; someone at Glocktalk's Steyr Club (don't remember whom) mentioned this holster as a good one for a Steyr....they were right.

Pics (of Wild Bill's and Galco holsters, respectively, with my refinished M40):


grahm leather
model 4x
no wait used off user here

great fit! very sung to body (enough to be a problem for an idpa draw)
angle is OK, but ride height is a little high for me, but i like lower riding holsters.

great fit and quality. very wearable and reasonably comfy, just not a great conceal holster for my body.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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