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Leather lube?

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Not specifically Steyr related, but my Q does pertain to holsters in general...

I've got a leather IWB holster, and the tongue part that holds the belt clip sometimes rubs against the main body of the holster (when there's not a shirt tucked in between). This creates a leather-on-leather "creaking" sort of sound that's not so good from a concealment standpoint. Do y'all know of anything I can apply to quiet it down, that won't harm the leather?
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Most payless shoe store or any shoe store for that matter should sell MINK OIL.. that may help quite a bit.. also waterproofs and conditions the leather.. :)

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leather lube

pure neatsfoot oil is an excellent preservative and softener for leather.

purchase at any feed and seed store or tack shop, but use only pure oil the paste products just don't work well.
Mink oil causes mold.
neats foot oil will soften it way too much.
Check the web sites of the major makers, most say to never use Neats oil. You really don't want to soften a holster. It should break in on it's own over time.

If you are speaking of a "tuckable" style holster I don't know what to do. If it is the attachment to the belt use a bit of talcum powder. Generally I have found that outside ambient noises are more than enough to cover lether squeek.
leather sqeak

good to know never considered talc powder.
read on another board that a bar of soap works also. I had forgotten that one.
probably a plain bar of gulf wax would work rubbed into the offending area? i used wax for drawer slides etc.
Thanks for the ideas guys. I think I'll try the talc first, since it seems the least invasive/permanent.
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