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LE or Military use of Steyr Pistols

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Who knows of any LE or military units that use Steyr pistols?
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I would think that in america, the extractor problems would have to be addressed, if they haven't already with the M-A1 series, before the LE/Military would even look at them.

I haven't had problems with my M40-A1, but several people who have A1 series pistols have reported stove pipes, normally during break in. But I think that Steyr can do better if they tried. Reliability is a key issue with non Steyr pistol users. I have seen on Glock Talk, and that people who own Steyrs over there, claim they arn't as reliable as other pistols. This needs to be addressed by Steyr in a Public fassion. Like a redesign maybe with free upgrades for existing M-A1's, along with an out of the box Stress test of a new M-A1 by a third party, maybe with a Glock , XD, M&P, and Sig of the same calliber.
My M40-A1 runs great, but I've read in this forum, Glock Talk, and that there have been issues in the past with the extractor, which is why it was redesigned for the A1. But I have read some posts with extracting problems/stove pipes/etc with the A1, but most if not all, were in the breakin period, so I'm not sure it counts to me, however, police depts, and the military, may think that it should be trouble free from the get go.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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