LE or Military use of Steyr Pistols

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    Who knows of any LE or military units that use Steyr pistols?
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    Hiya Doug :)

    American or global? And, I'm really interested, as well.


  3. From what I understand they recently adopted Steyr pistols in Malaysia for their federal law enforcement organization. I also have heard that a few other far east nations are considering switching to Steyr pistols.
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    I would like to know global. I know SEALs used Steyr machine guns in Vietnam. But that was along time ago...
  5. Oh, well if we're talking about throughout history than the Third Reich in WWII carried a ton of pistols, rifles, and machine guns made by Steyr Mannlicher. In fact, the Mannlicher bolt action was very popular among the Germans. If you're lucky you can hunt through old rifles at gun shows and a Mannlicher rifle will pop up once in awhile.

    Steyr didn't came out with their M-series until 2000 and as we all know the military of any country is slow to change their service pistol. DEA uses the Steyr AUG as does some custom units and the coast guard even has a few AUGs laying around. A lot of local departments and different state regulations allow officers to select their duty pistol from a pre-approved list of pistols and from what I understand there are some departments that have added Steyr to the list.

    Politics plays a big role in whether military units or law enforcement goes with a firearm. For instance, in Greece they just signed a huge contract with H&K for over 100,000 G-36 rifles in large part because H&K agreed to co-production of the rifles in Greece and in Germany. Steyr doesn't have any plans on producing their pistols in the U.S. and until they do politics will prevent many government groups here from buying them.
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    user hirambuff from the phillipines claim SWAT over there uses M's.

    There was also a user over on GT whose whole correction dept (small county in midwest somewhere) switched to M9's when cdnn still had them cheap (he also mentioned ALL of their qualifier scores went up).
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    I would think that in america, the extractor problems would have to be addressed, if they haven't already with the M-A1 series, before the LE/Military would even look at them.

    I haven't had problems with my M40-A1, but several people who have A1 series pistols have reported stove pipes, normally during break in. But I think that Steyr can do better if they tried. Reliability is a key issue with non Steyr pistol users. I have seen on Glock Talk, and AR15.com that people who own Steyrs over there, claim they arn't as reliable as other pistols. This needs to be addressed by Steyr in a Public fassion. Like a redesign maybe with free upgrades for existing M-A1's, along with an out of the box Stress test of a new M-A1 by a third party, maybe with a Glock , XD, M&P, and Sig of the same calliber.
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    Not to thread drift away, but the reason I bought an M9 last year was due to all the positive postings about the reliability of the pistol. Then I began to read a few months ago about some folks having extractor problems.

    Honestly, I don't understand it. :?:

    I did the complete cleaning, extractor removal and lube job and the pistol has run well since that time.

    Since when did all the problems 'come up' with the extractor? Am I missing something? Is it just a few that we're hearing from and not from the ones (like me) who have got a fine running pistol?

    Could someone clarify and no, I'm not trying to flame this issue. I'm just a 'concerned' M9 owner. :wink:
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    My M40-A1 runs great, but I've read in this forum, Glock Talk, and AR15.com that there have been issues in the past with the extractor, which is why it was redesigned for the A1. But I have read some posts with extracting problems/stove pipes/etc with the A1, but most if not all, were in the breakin period, so I'm not sure it counts to me, however, police depts, and the military, may think that it should be trouble free from the get go.
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    Marshfield Massachusetts PD uses the .40 Steyer as their service weapon.
  11. I've seen a lot of Steyr problem posts over the last couple of years and almost ever single one of them was traced to five things:

    1) Not cleaning the weapon properly. Steyr's do need some lubrication compared to Glocks that can fire dry and dirty, but the trade-in is that you get supperior accuracy with the Steyr. Sorry, but you've got to clean the extractor on a pistol that has been sitting in CDNN warehouses in the hot texas sun for two years. :roll:

    2) Using poor quality ammunition. I can't tell you how many times I've had Steyr owners report that for some reason that Wolf, Range Reloads, (Insert other poor pistol ammunition) they are using is causing problems.

    3) Poor grip on the pistol when fired, such as limp wristing and that will cause most modern pistols to have malfunctions.

    4) Bad Magazines. Once in awhile you'll get someone who has a bad factory magazine...it happens with any brand of pistol out there.

    5) Once in a great while you'll get a Steyr pistol that didn't come out of the factory up-to-spec and that happens in any man made thing that is mass produced. Cars, computers, jet engines, etc. all have factory rejects that make it out into the market place.

    A lot of folks think that because Steyr is one of the few pistols they own or because their Glock hasn't given them any problem that its not reliable. However, take a look over at http://www.hkpro.com sometime and you'll see a lot of folks posting problems with USP pistols and I've also seen my fair share of problems with Glocks both on the website and at the range over the year. I'm not aware of a single pistol out there that isn't capable of having a malfunction.

    Not to mention you're far more likely to see reports of malfunctions issues than a report that says "Yeah, used my Steyr today for the 18th time and it fired great." Don't get me wrong I encourage people to post their problems on here as it helps all of us learn more about our pistol and its inner workings. However, just take a look at this forum with more than 1,000 members and out of those how many problems have been reported? I can also take a look on over on this forum and see an article from IDPA Steyr about 90,000 rounds of reliable service.

    The key reason that Steyr has not taken off in the LEO community here is because for a great deal of time they had no support and almost zero marketing. Most cops I know haven't even heard of Steyr and that goes for a lot of the guys working at gun shops and fire ranges. Not to mention that our military will never make standard issue any weapon that isn't manufactured in the US, they tried to bring the XM-8 to the Army and that deal was killed in large part because HK didn't already have a factory in this country making rifles.
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    Funny thing is, almost everyone knows what an AUG is. Even if they don't know what it really is :roll:

    The profile on the AUG is unmistakeable..

    I love my M40 and my M40A1. They will become more common as things move along with USA Styer.
  13. The AUG is one of the top infantry weapons in that it used by Ireland, Austria, Australia, and a host of other nations. Steyr is almost always on the short list of manufacturers in any weapon trial conducted by a nation. The United States tested and considered seriously the ACR rifle developed by Steyr back in the 80s, but the weapon never got beyond the prototype as the Army scrapped the program in favor of keeping the M-16 with some upgrades.
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    with the whole Iran thing, I don't think we'll be seeing them in use in the US for some time.