Last IDPA classifier won with 1911, 4th with Steyr

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by ThaiBoxer, Oct 15, 2007.

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    It was a small pond competition-wise, A total of 12 shooters, I think, and I placed poorly in the classifications. Everyone did, for some reason. Still, I shot best overall with my 1911, with 2 shooters after, then my Steyr placing 4th overall and second for SSP. Next time I'll be all about speed, no point make-ups for me.

    The next weekend I shot at a decent sized IPSC Single Stack match, about 90 shooters. My first real IPSC match. I finished pretty much middle of the pack, a little ahead of middle for single stack and a little behind middle for overall (against Ltd-10 and Open). Some pretty impressive shooters there.

    I certainly learned a bunch about IPSC shooting. Like...

    1) shoot fast, dude.
    2) If the top round in a fresh mag comes out a bit, toss it and grab another. Don't mess with it.
    3) Aim on those bobbing swingers, don't spray and pray! They're no BFD if you aim!
    4) If the stage requires you to start by picking up the 1911 weak handed, either click it off before you lie it down or plan on getting an ambi safety.
    5) That old front sight works well. So watch it, [email protected]

    Upside is, I only had one Mike (missed shot) for the match.