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    i just got my m40 and im really liking it so far but i want to find a laser and light or just a laser for it and i figured this would be a good start any help would be much appreciated. thanks
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    You will need an adapter for the original M series, since it doesn't use a picatinny rail like the A1's do. I seem to recall that the adapter is pretty rare, so good luck with that. As for which laser/light you should use - assuming you can get the picatinny adapter for your M, the Insight/streamlight M6X is the best there is, IMHO. My M9A1 with the M6X:

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    opinions are like the human posterior.................we all have one.

    While Insight lights are decent, I prefer the Laser Devices light.

    shown here on an M series with adapter.

    Just as bright as the M3X or M6X series, but a lot less bulky. Notice how low it sits on the M. On my MA1 it rides perfect.
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    I didn't know you had one of those.. pics from other angles, please? I like the way it rides and the price ain't bad either.

    Ninja edit: So it's either a light or a laser, not both.. now I understand. Still, that's a good price for both!