Laser for my Steyr S9 Compact....Please help....!!

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by rafael12, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. rafael12

    rafael12 Guest

    Hi guys ! :shock:
    I've been serching for any laser to fit my Steyr S9 Compact and still waiting
    anybody of you guys, knows where can I find it....????

    Please let me know..!

    Rafael12 :lol:
  2. BulletBait

    BulletBait New Member

    Lasers are considered by the Pro's to be a waste of money.
    They are very hard to use under stress (it actually slows you down compared to point shooting),
    and are nearly worthless in bright light / daytime.

    That's why the Cops and Spec Ops Military mount lights only.

  3. NicoX

    NicoX New Member

    I use an Insight X2L, you can use only the light, but not only the laser
    For me is good..

  4. babj615

    babj615 Premium Member


    ....thats what they make green lasers for.....

    :wink: :wink: :wink:
  5. BulletBait

    BulletBait New Member

    And Spec-Ops doesn't use green ones either.
    They have the US Gov footing the bill so they can have anything they want and go out hunting Tangos every day,
    yet they do not use lasers.
    They must have a very good reason :wink:

    rafael12 didn't say what he's using it for.
    If he thinks a laser is a life saver, then he's made a poor choice.
    The money for the laser would be far better spent on ammo and practice.

    On the other hand, if he's just buying it as a range toy, then that's cool.

    I've owned an Olympic OA-96 (a 6" barreled AR15 Pistol)
    Totally worthless except for turning ammo into noisy fireballs.
    Cool beyond belief, but a No-Go for self defense VS Cost to buy.

    A lot of guns and accessories have a huge cool factor at the range or look bitchin' on TV that really aren't very practical in real life.
    The "50 caliber Desert Eagle wit da' BeamZ" easily tops that list for pistols.

    ETA: If I had all the other guns on my "Buy" list and still had $2 grand left over , I'd buy a 50 D'eagle, Gold plated baby 8)
    Lemme check my lottery ticket.