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    I noticed a few members posting about good experiences with the Lancer ammo...I saw that Midway sells this ammo in 38 & I sent customer service an email requesting to have midway carry the 9mm ammo. I get dealer discounted prices through midway, so I am hoping that they will start to carry the 9mm ammo. I did look on Lancer's site and I will probably order some of the 147 gr ammo that was discussed in the thread.
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    I received my first order of the Lancer 147gr competition ammo and just got done shooting about 150 rounds of it. It's everything that Jeff has been saying! The recoil is perceptibly less than the 115 gr WWB I've been shooting. I shot magazines of both side by side and the difference is really amazing!

    Lancer is running a special through the month of August...1000 rounds is about $8 off the regular price. That covers about half the shipping charge. For me, it works out to be about $3 a box more than WWB -- but I think it's worth the extra cost.

    I ordered the ammo over the weekend and it was waiting for me on Wednesday night. It even comes packed in a handy ammo can (I bought the 1000 round loose pack)!

    I'd recommend trying it out...the difference in recoil is really impressive.


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    Just an update on my Lancer experience. I'm almost through my first 1000 rounds and every round has fired flawlessly. I just shot it in my first USPSA match today and it was much nicer than the WWB I had been using.

    I've noticed that the Lancer burns "dirtier" than the WWB -- but the residue doesn't bake onto the feed ramp like the WWB did. With the Lancer ammo, I can wipe the feed ramp with my finger and it's spotless. WWB had to be soaked in Hoppe's #9 to get the powder off.

    The only thing that does concern me is the speed. I had it chrono'd last week and it came out to an average of 858 fps. That only makes a power factor of 126 -- a little too close for comfort. I don't know if this particular chronograph runs "slow" or not -- I just hope that it doesn't come out any lower at the sectional match next month!!

    All in all, I'm very happy with the Lancer competition ammo. I have another 1000 rounds waiting for me and I'm sure there will be more.

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    these loads were configured to JUST meet idpa and ipsc minimums.
    not sure how ipsc does it, but idpa you get three shots chrono'ed and two have to make power factor.
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    Chef -

    In USPSA, it's the average of three round fired through the chronograph from your gun. The Lancer rounds are supposed to be loaded to 875 fps (according to the web site), which would give you a power factor of 128 -- which is still pretty close to minimum. 126 was just a little too close for comfort, given the fact that a particular chronograph may come up "slow". But it's the chance you take to get such a sweet firing load!