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    I'm a cheap bastard. If it's on e-bay and it fits an M and it's less than ten bones I'm all over it. Ahhhh, poverty :p

    That said, I picked up a Blade-tech IWB 'Ultimate Concealment' holster a few weeks back for a dollar. ... ionId=4368

    Owner modifed the belt clip, cutting off the S-curve so that it hangs on your pants instead of holding the underside of yoru belt. I contacted the company and they said they could replace the retention arm for cheap.
    When I got the holster I gave it a try for fit and function. Both perfect, though the hard shell was a little more intrusive than I'd expected. A few draw drills and a day later (Bear in mind, I'm only carrying to the truck, to the house and around the house until the CCW comes around) I find the giant scratch.
    Now I don't mind a little wear. Thank God, my GF doesn't either, but it's not often I get something nice. You know that feeling you get when a bird shits on your brand new car? Imagine your garage leaving an 8-inch scar down the side of your fender.
    I did give the retention screw in the front a quarter-twist when I fit the holster. I've since pulled that quarter-twist out, but I haven't had the gumption to try the holster again, and I'll be damned if I spend more of my hard-earned peanuts to improve it.
    Being new to pistols and new to carrying I'm still feeling my way through the accessories forest here, but I'm surprised to find that the cheap codura slide-style holster I got when i purchased the gun still functions better than anything else I've picked up cheap on e-bay, including the Galco shoulder and a very nice leather paperweight I couldn't stretch by Don Hume.

    I'd love to hear what everyone else has experienced with kydex holsters, whether there's a method for minimizing the wear on the finish or any tips on fitting holsters to the pistol.

    Experience, be my guide!
  2. Hell of a Deal.

    As for protecting the finish I'm not really sure you can and you're certain to get some light scaring on it after use. However, maybe someone on here knows some ancient JEDI trick to better preserver your blade tech holster.

    Got to love EBAY, if only they allowed firearms.

    Safe Shooting

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    Just ordered another Comp-Tac yesterday.
    They called and said it was finished today.

    The customer service from Comp-Tac is incredible
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    +1 on Comp-Tac. I have the C-T.A.C. for my Walther and a paddle holster for my Beretta Vertec. Both came with amazing speed and fit the guns perfectly.

    I'm trying to decide now whether I want to get a C-T.A.C. or a belt holster for my Steyr. I would like to be able to use it for USPSA/IDPA, but I'm also interested in using it for my carry gun. I know that Jeff has been shooting his in IDPA with a C-T.A.C. holster, but I don't think I can give up the speed advantage and stay competitive. In any case, any of the choices from Comp-Tac are great.

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    I recommend the Comp-Tac belt holster for IDPA, just for the reasons you cite. One caveat, however - if the design is the same as the one they sent me a few weeks ago, it will be illegal for IDPA if your club is strict on the new 2005 holster rules. In the belt holster I received, the butt of the gun just sticks a bit too far away from the body to pass the "space between the gun and your body" test.

    IDPASteyr mentioned that he had to modify his Comp-Tac belt holster with a heat gun to solve this issue, but I'm not that adventurous. I may have to though, as the temptation of gaining any speed advantage is getting to me as I get more "gamey" about shooting IDPA matches.

    I think the main thing you gain with the belt holster vs. the C-T.A.C. is a slightly quicker, more consistent firing grip on the gun when drawing. Maybe this will get you 1/2 a second or so. However, if you want to keep in the "spirit" of IDPA (i.e. compete with your actual carry gear) then you may wish to use the C-T.A.C.