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BladeTech makes a great holster for both pistols. I'm not a fan of BladeTech's double mag pouch for IDPA/USPSA use, its just a little too crowded for me. Bushido Tactical here in Orlando sells a great mag pouch (by Pitbull Tactical) that can be custom-molded for Steyr and Caracal, but after dropping my mags off and waiting 10 days, they still hadn't bothered to pickup the mags to mold with... and the Bushido/Pitbull double mag pouches are $70. Digging through the drawer of used gear, I found that an older G-Code double mag pouch, Glock 9/40 model, fits both Steyr & Caracal mags perfectly. The G-Code pouch even has vertical slits down the front of each pouch that allow the Caracal mag tab to slide in & out without touching. The G-Code Glock pouch is also under $40, or half of what I was going to pay for Bushido/Pitbull. Not the prettiest pouch, but works great (and also fits Glock mags).

The G-Code single mag pouch for Glock DOES NOT securely hold Stery or Caracal mags (or Glock mags, for that matter), its too long front-to-back. For IDPA use, it works fine as a Barney holder, but I wouldn't go running around with a mag in the single pouch. You can see the white piece of 1/4" cardboard that fits next to mag in the single pouch.

G Code Double Mag Pouch.jpg
Steyr M9 Kydex.jpg


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