Knife Collection - Al Mar, Benchmade, Boker, Klotzli, Microtech, Randall, Spyderco

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    Knives for Sale: various Al Mar (e.g. original S.E.R.E. fixed blade & folder), Benchmade, Boker, Klotzli (Swiss Made-Michael Walker Design), Microtech, Randall (e.g. Models 3 Hunter (full-size AND miniature), 5 Camp & Trail, 14 Attack, etc.) and Spyderco (numerous discontinued/limited production, collectible/higher-end models). Most are in pristine/"Safe-Queen," unused condition with boxes and paperwork. Shipping available. Kindly contact me for a detailed list ... and thank you for your interest.
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    Interested in Benchmade Infidel, Black. Perhaps the Randall #14 or an 18?
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