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Kinda crappy day at the range

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Took the M9A1 out to the range today and I was a bit disappointed with the trip. I aquired her about a month ago brand new and she's right at 500 rounds now. I was shooting 115gr. CCI blazer for the first time, and I experienced some trouble. I shot 150 rounds and only once did the slide lock back after the last round. I also had the slide lock about halfway back halfway through a magazine with one live round in the chamber and what seemed to be another live round trying to feed. What would cause these two problems? Is there something happening with the gun, or is it just something I'm doing wrong (not standing behind her firm enough, etc.)? Thanks!
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just a guess here, but sounds like maybe a bad magazine issue...

mark your magazines in some way and see if it only happens w. one of them.
I'm curious how you guys keep your magazines when not in use. I've spoke to a few guys who keep them loaded 2 under capacity to put less stress on the spring. I keep mine fully loaded all the time - a practice that I may need to stop? Any input?
Just regurgitating info here. I have several friends who own 1911's and they have always said to cycle your magazines. Keeping one or two loaded for a month, then unloading those and giving the spring a break. Just like an old car spring, they will lose the preload on them over time and tension.
unless you can see definite damge to the slide catch, it basically has to be a magazine issue. definitely mark them and try to isolate the mag. hopefully it's just one. but even if it happens with all of them...

what could be happening is there is dirt or stuff in the mag that won't let the spring push the plate all the way up, which is what locks the slide back. try taking your mags apart and cleaning them well. even though the gun is basically new, there could be old grease or something causing the offense.

a test would be to remove the slide and insert an empty mag. if the slide catch goes up, good. if not, it's either the mag plate not coming all the way up or the catch has been bent somehow and doesn't engage the mag plate fully. both of which you would be able to see better with the slide off.

as far as mag storage rotation etc... everybody has their theory and everybody's theory can be proved right and wrong yadayadayada.

that being said, springs are supposed to only be working ie...deteriorating when they're being cycled. as in loaded and unloaded. so leave your mags fully loaded all the time right? well, springs can sag if left under tension all the time. so rotate your mags right?

my thought is that it is probably not necessary to rortate your mags, but it won't hurt anything to rotate your mags either. i just wouldn't go so far as to mark it on my calendar.

do i rotate my mags? yes, but only because they all function and i don't pay attention to the one that gets loaded for carry after a range session.
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I came across this somewhere, can't remember where though. It certainly seems like good logic.

Hope this helps,
Thanks Ranger_Rick! Great article
I came across that article too and copied it for a few people......I don't fret about the loaded magazine thing now.......the extreme case of a loaded 45 mag since WW II functioning eases my mind. I certainly won't keep loaded mags that long...........
I had the same problem with 1911 mags until I replaced the followers with Cobra replacements........I agree its probably a Magazine issue....
I took my mags apart today and they were filthy. Tons of brass shavings and some grease. I'm hoping that was the problem. Thanks guys - I'll report back in about 3 weeks when i take her out again.
bet that will clear things up.
I had problems one or two range trips untill I cleaned my mags, they were filthy also.
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