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Kimber's KPD - A Very Steyr-like Pistol!

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Somebody on one of the other boards posted this link, commenting that this new Kimber KPD “sure looks a lot like a Steyr.”

And - except for the DAO trigger - yeah, it does! Kimber even boasts about how the piece “fits the hand and points naturally.”

I’m still a Steyr believer . . . but I still wouldn’t mind testing out this new Kimber. Anybody checked one out yet?
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Yes, I wasn't thinking "Steyr-like" in the mechanical sense. I just thought that the dished-out area in the top rear of the grip (where the web of the hand goes) looked awfully Steyr.

From that, I wondered if it points like a Steyr. Only Steyrs (and, to a lesser extent, Glocks) really point well for me. 1911-type pistols all point low.

You're right, though: if it has a long, heavy DAO trigger, I'd probably still pass on the piece, even if it points well.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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