Kill the creep?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by czgunner, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. czgunner

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    Hey all.
    I have gone through and cleaned, polished, and lubed every part in my M9A1.
    It has a few hundred rounds through it.
    How do I get rid of the 1/8"-1/4" of creep before the break?
    I have done all the "tune ups" that are posted here.
    Is this something that someone can fix for me? I haven't found a smith that can/will work on these.
    Just this morning I AGAIN pulled the striker guide rod out and double checked/polished all the components. No burrs of any kind.
    Where is the creep at? Is this sear engagement?
  2. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member

    have you polished the sides of the sear, the drop safety and the top of the post?

    assuming you have, the one thing that comes to mind is the trigger bar bend.

    if the bend is off a little, it can twist the sear slightly as it's pushing the sear rearward. when the sear gets twisted, one edge of the sear scrapes against the inside of the frame.

    this point loading can be a source of friction.

    also, if you've polished the raised ridges on the firing pin, sometimes you can leave the open edge of it a little burred. might try a light beveling of the open end of the firing pin.

    also, lubrication can change things. i basically hose the sear mechanism and shake out the excess.

    the firing pin components get the exact opposite treatment. lube is applied and wiped off with a dry patch leaving just a film. this seems to work very well.

  3. monsteyr

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    Is this creep a slack area that you pass through before your finger comes to rest firmly against the trigger, or actually felt in the trigger pull through? On my M9A1, there is between 1/8 and 1/4 inch travel of the trigger after the trigger safety is depressed. It takes only slightly more pressure to pull through this slack area than it does to depress the safety (i.e. no effort required). Once past this slack travel area, the trigger holds firm, and the travel is very short and swift. At no time does there feel like there is any "pull" like e.g. my 2 mile long kel-tec DAO - It's more like snapping a switch. I was *thinking* that I really liked the way this worked - but I have only dry fired it so far, so no idea how it feels/works in action...

    (I've been waiting on the replacement mag springs because I want my pistol to work perfectly from day 1. The kel-tec was crap out of the box at least 10% ftf or fte, and I will never feel like I trust it even though it seems to be reliable now. Would like to avoid this with the Steyr. I thought new mags direct from SAI might already have the correct springs, but unfortunately the new mags I ordered from SAI have the short springs too, so it looks like at least another week before I get to play with it)
  4. ChillyWilly

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    I am not 100% on this but I think "creep" is the ~mm between pulling the trigger and hitting that point where travel stops and the actual click/bang

    pull through safety to the stop point * creep * click/bang
  5. czgunner

    czgunner New Member

    Right on the money. The take up is completely normal, but after the take up and the break is the creep.
  6. Polymer Proselyte

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    Please check your email/PM.

    Are we still on for those mags?

    Cheers PP
  7. BTF/PTM

    BTF/PTM Guest

    have Jeff at Steyr look at it. Worth every penny if the gun isn't under warranty anymore, he'll fix it right and probably go out of his way to fix a couple other things that you didn't even notice. That's what he did for me 8)
  8. nuj

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    hello czgunner,
    you and i have the same delema with the trigger creep, like you , i polished all that needs polishing inorder to make the trigger more disireable to use. sorry, it still feels crappy, so what i did, i shoot it a lot and guess what, its now as smooth as my other polymer handgun. you see, our steyr pistol have a double action (DA) trigger and no matter what all our polishing and trigger job, it won't have the feel of a single action (SA) trigger like the 1911, it is design that way for safety reasons, if i can live with it, so can you, so keep on firing that gun and in time it will smooth out