Kali AUG?

Discussion in 'AUG, MSAR' started by 73sbVert, Dec 29, 2007.

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    Hi guys,

    My first foray into this section! :looksaround: Nice place ya got here!

    I don't know a lot about the AUG gun, but can anybody tell me why it's not Kali legal? It looks like any other standard bullpup design rifle, and several ARE NOT on the banned, bad list from this stupid DOJ here.

    Just wondering why this particular one is not allowed here. Is it because it's more evil than other guns?

    Still would love to get one someday! I wonder if my dad in NM bought one and "willed" it to me, if I could then bring it here? :whistle:

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    I am not 100% sure but I think the DOJ went to a "feature list" ( detachable mag, Pistol grip ) because they couldn't keep up with all the name changes to guns.
    As far as having a gun willed to you, I can not even will my guns to my son here in CA. he has to remove them from the state or hand them over to the DOJ upon my death.
    If I was you and planned on living in CA I would get a Springfield M1A1 or one of the AR15's with the pinned mags. one more option is the DS arms FAL in the CA legal configuration. They will change it to the normal configuration if you ever leave the state free of charge.

  3. paradox

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    The real AUG is listed by name and thus is a big no-no.

    The new US made AUG clones aren’t named, thus are legal if you play the features game. The problem is that there are no off the shelf fixes to make it legal, you’ll have to roll your own. Several folks in cali have AUG-clones, but so far everyone I’ve seen has kept them disassembled while in state and only shoots in NV/AZ/OR etc.

    “Evil Features” ban:
    You’re best bet with the AUG design is to develop a magazine lock that requires the use of a tool to detach the magazine, only use 10rd magazines, and either get a 20” barrel or use a fake can to make the 30” overall length. Any other method wouldn’t be nearly as reversible.
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    I think the rest of the country should secede from California and New York. Sure hope none of that nutiness don't spread down South!

    Reminds me (all California Steyroids please stop reading here or forgive me, one or the other): Why is California like a bowl of cereal?

    If you took out all the fruits and nuts, there wouldn't be nothing left but flakes (and a light sprinkling of Steyroids). :mrgreen:
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    It is what it is John. :evil:
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    The only Cali legal AUG is probably airsoft... and I am sure they are looking to ban them too.
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    In Jersey even the clones are considered the "substantially identical" however you can remove some of the features ie weld a compensator over your threads and it becomes "legal" MSAR is in the process of making me a legal one not sure what else they are doing but I am getting it from buds gun shop and they know how to make it work
  8. Wulf

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    Hiya Shiro* :)

    Hey, when ya get 'er home, take pics ta let us know what external profile measures MSAR does ta make ur new carbine "legal". And, if there's paperwork documenting what measures were taken, plz post that info, as well.

    Sorry ta interrupt the thread...carry on, my Bro's. :D

    Wulf <-- thinkin', "Dayam...sometimes if ya really wanna have what ya want, ya may just hafta move elsewhere...."
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    No Problem Wulf. Im expecting to have the STG sometime around march 10th. A full report on aspects and reliability + accuracy shall follow suit.
    And yes I will have to move elsewhere eventually. I have Georgia residency but with the laws in Jersey in regard to this type of rifle, I needed to make sure it was legal. Maybe Ill move to Germany or where ever our country wants to send me that is if I get accepted as a foreign service officer.