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Just purchased a new S40

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Hey everyone I just joined the Steyrclub and I am impressed with the chat! I have a problem though, my S40 keeps misfiring. I'd say out of 20 rounds it will misfire about 3 times. Not good I presume. I've cleaned the heck out of it several times. It might be that I'm just not used the the trigger saftey and not letting it go to reset the trigger. Again, I'm a brand new owner of this gun and any tips will help, believe me.
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next time you get a misfire, check and see if the slide is all the way foward (battery) or is slighlty a bit back from being all the way foward (failure to refturn to battery).

if it's a FTRTB then you are probably giving in the wrists to much and robbing the momentum needed to let it return all the way. because of the light weight these pistols are especially susceptible to "limpwristing". the cure for this is to "lock" your wrist when shooting.
This is the biggest "user error" of people new to lightweight autos.

Does it always happen on a new magazine when chambering the first round?

Does it "click, no bang"?

Is the old round being removed or is it still stuck halfway in?

basicly we need more info on the type and nature of the jam!

are you new to autoloaders, or an old twenty year cop?
we want to know what frame of refernece you have before we start throwing tecno-speak at ya or we don't want to be too rudimentary if you used to be an army armourer, etc.
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What Ammo were you using when this occured?
Do you have more than one magazine?

If you have more than one magazine, MARK the one that causes jams/misfires. see if it is a magazine issue. I have a mag that causes problems.. i need to fix it. but im lazy since i have 5 others that are fine.

I also have an s40. it was a lil burpy the first 4/500 rounds.. after that not a hitch. i think it has alot to do with also getting used to the firearm itself.
I had something similar happen to me with Wolf ammo, but once I switched to decent ammo my M40 had no problems.
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