Just picked up an M40. 1st post

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Mar 28, 2005.

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    My name is Gary and I'm a plastic pistol junky. :D
    Today I added a Steyr M40 to my collection. I believe it's an early one because the first two of the serial are 00. Were there ever any recalls?
    It came with 2 ten round clinton mags but I really want to get a couple of hicaps for it so if anyone knows where to get them at a good price I'd appreciate that info.
    Anyway, I'm happy to be hear and hope to learn a lot from other Steyr owners.
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    Welcome to Steyr Club, Gary. I think you'll find answers to almost all of your questions, and then some, around here.

    I'm an M9 guy myself and still pretty new to Steyrs, so I'll let some of the "old hands" answer your questions. Just wanted to welcome you to the boards.


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    CDNNinvestments.com for the mags...and damn near anything else gun related you want....

    and welcome the world of Steyr....
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    Thanks for the welcome and the link. I checked CDNN and they have them for $30, which seems a bit high. I am used to getting glock and sig mags for less than $20.
    Anybody got them cheaper than CDNN?
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    Ah...welcome to the joys of Steyr ownership! :)

    I come from a Glock/Sig/Ruger background, too. Hi Caps for $20 is the standard. The price we pay for enjoying our Steyrs is that the US market isn't that robust...so there's a supply/demand issue. CDNN is the best source for magazines...and $30 each is probably the best price you're going to find anywhere.

    If it's any consolation, the hi cap rounds for my Walther P99 are $39 each!

    Don't let the price scare you away...make the investment and enjoy your gun!

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    I understand what you mean. I almost bought an HK USP until I say how much the mags cost.
    The thing about CDNN is that since it's in TX I have to pay shipping AND 8.25% sales tax.
    If somebody has them for $30 in another state I could save a few bucks at least. Maybe even find someplace with free shipping. (I know, I'm dreaming).
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    Well, CDNN is about the only show in town for Steyr mags (and guns, for that matter!). Maybe once the new Steyr-Mannlicher agent gets its act together, they can start importing more mags. But for now it's just CDNN.

    Too bad Texas is so darn big...you could drive to Abilene and pick 'em up! But with the price of gas these days, you're probably better off with the $9.99 shipping. Get yourself a catalog, find some other "goodies" (knives, etc.) and have fun!

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    if this helps at all.. CDNN will normally "throw" in a freebie or two when ya order from them,,.. last time i got a free pocket knife made by CAMP.. :)
    when and iff you do call CDNN ask for Brian "MajD" he is a fellow steyr guy... lettem know you got refered from steyrclub.com
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    True -- my first order included this neat rechargeable flashlight. Unfortunately, it was the first thing I pulled out of the box and I was convinced they had already screwed up my order! I realized afterwards that it was a bonus!
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    Hmmm, them Texans must not believe in sending any freebies to Illinois! :cry: (MajD: :wink: , nudge)

    I did get prompt and accurate service from them at a fair price, though, so I can certainly recommend them to others.
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    I believe someone said if you call and order from steyrusa they are $30 also, not the $54 listed on the site at one point. As they are not in TX tax shouldn't need be collected i believe.
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    About the only place to buy mags is CDNN. If you are looking for Steyr M40 mags I might still have a few extras laying around, PM me if you are interested.
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    Thanks for the tips folks. PM sent to you Sturmruger.

    I went to the range this morning and had some fun. I posted some results in the Good, bad and ugly ammo thread.
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    sturm ruger do you still have any s&W sigma mags?
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    I do not have anymore Sigma mags. I am starting to wish I would have kept a few around for some range work.