Just off the phone with SAI...

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Wulf, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Wulf

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    Hi Guys :)

    Just off the phone with Jack Riddle, SAI and he advises "stand down and relax". Everything is running as usual, for the time being, and more will be known in the next month. Steyr-Mannlicher is in it for the long haul and parts and service are an important part of the American market for them. The sky ain't fallin' yet and we got Jack in our corner still. 8)

  2. FlaChef

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    yeah, they just liquidated all their inventory :roll:

  3. midtnshooter

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    Help !

    I feel this much better || . Now where do I go for parts? Did Jack sell all the parts also? Can I just go down to Home Depot for some EMT pipe for a new barrel. Maybe run down to ACE Hardware and pickup a cabinet latch for a new trigger or ? =D>

    Signed Frustrated In Tennessee,

  4. Buzz

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    That's the troubling part. If you are going to be in the market for the long haul why would you flood it with newer model guns that will be sold for cut rate prices?

    On the other hand, what better way to get folks to try the gun and get the word out on it. Maybe it's one big promotion. Yeah, that's it :!:

    Sign me,

    "Totally Confused, seven miles southeast of SAI"

    PS. I'll gladly settle for parts and service.
  5. mugdava

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    It's not odd that a company might liquidate it's inventory at Years end for tax purposes. I'm just worried how long it's gonna take to get back to 100%. SAI most likely kept enough stuff for warranty jobs only!

    CDNN must have gotten one rightious deal to sell Steyrs a those prices!
  6. Buzz

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    BTW, Wulf, thanks for making the call. While this whole thing is upsetting to us here at the Steyr Club I can only imagine how tense things must be at SAI with an unknown future. From what I have seen they have been doing a fine job and deserve a chance to continue providing what Steyr has needed in the US for so long. I only wish them the best, and that isn't because the future of three of my handguns lies in the balance.

  7. Syntax360

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    I really think they need to get someone on the forum to handle situations like this. Their customer service rocks, but I wish the #1 online Steyr resource had a real living SAI resource to call upon in questionable times.
  8. Zundfolge

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    Well in my couple of conversations with Jeff and Jack I get the clear impression that they watch this forum.

    Now if only the parent company would take that much of an interest in their customer base.
  9. Thunderbear

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    Until the US is annexed to Europe, I doubt this will ever happen, unless a visionary takes over Steyr.

    They have repeatedly failed to penetrate the American market. The few attempts they did make were pathetic ads in gun rags and relying of the ubiquity of the Steyr name from the AUG. No marketing outside of that whatsoever. If they wanted to crack the US market, they'd take the amazing innovations that Bubits and Co offered, and combine it with the concerns of Americans in a free gun market. I think they have absolutely NO comprehension of American gun culture, nor any concept of the vast market that is civilian carry guns. The parent company management blows the mind. They have squandered opportunity after opportunity to take on Glock in the marketplace with an equal if not superior product. Instead, because of an American company who understands the American market the only major contender to Glock is a Croatian pistol that once retailed for 300 bucks.

    What this means for us, is that no matter the importer of the Steyr line, until the parent company pull their heads out of their collective asses, there will always be this divide for American Steyroids and Euro Steyroids.
  10. Shooter

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    I've got the solution.............. :idea: Lets all break up our piggy banks and buy Steyr...... :!: :!: :lol: We can be like Victor Kiam and say "I was so impressed, I bought the company".......... 8)

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I agree, the problem appears most likely to be an out-of-touch corporate management.
  12. Zundfolge

    Zundfolge Member

    The real problem is that Europe has been Socialist and anti-liberty for the last century.

    Seriously, if I could afford to buy Steyr and move it to the States I'd do it in a heartbeat, but I'd have to hit a real big powerball to do that :p
  13. samue23

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    The owner has indicated that we will know what plans for the US by the end of February.

    There is a lot of buzz going on at https://steyrclub.com/ that Steyr is leaving the US!?

    Good Morning ,
    We submitted a proposal to Austria about a year ago concerning
    advertising items such as you have requested and we were pretty much
    turned down, "We don't advertise Steyr in Austria, why should we in
    America?" was the response...We made a few t-shirts and caps, which are
    gone, and that was the end of it...Maybe something will happen this


    Tell them we want t-shirts and polo shirts with the steyr pistol patch
    made available for purchase.

    A range bag wouldn't hurt either.

    You said nothing new do you have the accessories listed on the website?

    Good Morning ,
    No, nothing new. I have some Steyr stickers and patch. The home office
    in Austria doesn't believe in advertising...

    Hi Jack,

    I am just touching bases with you again about the availability of Steyr
    Pistol accessories, do you have any available?

    Also do you have any Steyr Pistol badges or stickers

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    "We don't advertise Steyr in Austria, why should we in

    Nuff said. Clueless AND pompus. What a combo.
  15. charmincarmens

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    We should of let the Castopo have them in the BIG ONE. ](*,)
  16. d3f3nd3r

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    My 2 cents. No amount of adverstising would help Steyr right now. A lot of us are pistol owners and Steyr's rifle name is rock solid. However the M and S series pistols have had their problems and the word is out. I love the gun but the general opinion is "trouble". Whether the failure rate is abnormal or not that's the opinion.

    In my opinion the M doesn't seem to fit in Steyr's line up of weapons, more like an afterthought and they've treated it as such. GLOCK had it's teething problems but they had a company commited to a polymer pistol. Steyr does not seem to be of the same persuasion.
  17. Hmmm,

    Guess the folks in Austria don't like making money?

    Call me crazy, but I thought the whole purpose of having a business was to make a profit by selling as much of your product and service as possible. :roll:

    They have folks in the United States that should pretty much run the show as far as US Domestic concerns go and if they request marketing resources than they should get those resources.

    Steyr Mannlicher just sees Big Military contracts and assume that what ever money is to be made in the US is from mostly civilian penny annie sales.

    They're making a HUGE mistake. They've failed to take note of Glock's success or for that matter of FN Herstal and other EU based companies.

    If they tweaked the extractor and extractor springs there wouldn't be half the problems they have with the MA1. We've got plenty of guys on Steyr Club that have jerry rigged their pistols or ordered new extractors and springs with great results.

    I LOVE my MA140 and M40...I can't even think about firing a different pistol. FOR ME NOTHING COMES CLOSE. There really is not other pistol with the same natural point. I almost laugh everytime I hear some company claim their pistol has a natural point, because once you've held a Steyr you know what that really is.

    I've never had a single issue with either my M40 or my MA140 and the thing is a dream to fire. These really could be the best pistols in the world, but I guess Steyr isn't interested in that. :cry:
  18. Ripped

    Ripped Guest

    what they are doing could possibly be a marketing strategy if you think about it.. they could essentially be dumping all thier inventory just to get the product in the hands of shooters to spread thier name around a bit.. yes it would be an easy way to go about it. but at the same time i think they would at least admit that to thier current owners and enthusiasts if that were the case.. Hate tosay it but the handguns are prolly one of the last things on earth they are worried about. think about it tho.


    your a Master Electrician in buisiness ,with insurance,tools, and the means to do anything in your field of expertise.

    you wanna go around hanging ceiling fans and light fixtures for 50.00 to 75.00 a pop,

    or do you want a new construction job that pays 1,000,000.00 bucks for 12 months worth of work. ?
  19. Wulf

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    Dayam, Ripped 8-O

    That thought never occured to me. So, what you are sayin' is Steyr-Mannlicher is actually a buncha Euro- "...pan-galactic, hyperdimensional beings...."? Real, true marketing kinda geniuses? 8-O That what you're sayin'? 8-O Well then....

    "I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy...."

    Actually, IMHO, someone with unsurpassed American marketing credibility should, quickly and without creating an international incident, walk up to the S-M upper echelon managerial ranks, have 'em bend over and plant a military boot up their collective asses. That oughtta help solicit the response to have 'em concentrate on keepin' their M and S Series semiautomatic pistols more reliable than purported, and I quote, "1000K + rounds without cleanin', thrown in the mud, run over by a tank , can take a direct hit by a tactical nuke and still not jam ******fu*kin' G*ocks." :twisted: Only more ergonomically and aesthetically appealing. :wink:

    Wulf <-- Prefers Smokin' Loon to Ripple :roll:

    But, till that happens,

    "Hey, S-M Managerial Staff and Production Managers, just say no to the Jaagermeister and 'shrooms, detox and settle the -Hell- into realilty!."

    Yeah!...And, "...black guys, help the white guys...."

    That oughtta do it. :twisted:

    At the very least, keep SAI properly stocked with parts and inventory in order to maintain their 1st class sales and service, and with enough additional parts inventory for me an' my American Bro's to purchase seperately for our own little home20 parts inventories. ...


    Yeah...(This is the part where America the Beautiful starts playin' in the background....)

    "We want Jack...we want Jack...we want Jack...."

    Let Americans market imported firearms from other planets like Austria, for Americans. <shrug> Its what we do. 8) We have an entire industry committed to this endeavor. Let 'em Lock-n-Load. Far as importing off-planet marketing gods with their arbitrary marketing techniques, schuck 'em. That's what I think. <shrug> Oh well, thanx for lettin' me vent. :twisted: Hava great weekend. :D

    Wulf <-- Heavily medicated and now completly exhausted from excessive effort and a really shit*y cold...and goin' back to bed
  20. charmincarmens

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    Wulf,you are a ANIMAL. =D>