Just got an M40-A1 and I have a few questions

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by ChillyWilly, Sep 9, 2007.

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    So I guess first off....what's up? Obviously I am new here so this is my history 101...I live in Los Scangeles, gun Controlifornia. I was not raised with guns...I did not have one next to my bottle when I was a baby...I have not been shooting since lead balls and powder. I have been around alot of, used and been exposed to the wrong side of a gun so although I am not scared of them I do respect them. Yeah, so WTF...you ask...well after a 10+ year hiatus I just purchased my first legitamate gun...an M40-A1. And because I am a responsible gun owner I picked up a safe, gun lock, 5 extra clips, a holster, a range bag, muffs, plugs, glasses, cleaning stuff, a decent flashlight & a crap load of ammo...practice and HD. I picked up this georgeous (yeah I said it...I think this is the perdiest gun I have ever seen...shit I fainted like a little bitch when I saw the pics of syn's two girls....) piece from Turners Outdoorsman a week ago and I have a couple of questions. So here goes

    1. I was doing a little lurking and read about break in and read someone mention cleaning before break in. I did not do this and I have put a couple hundred rounds through my gun. Can this be a problem? Do I need to do this right away as I planned to go to the range and put another couple hundred through here tomorrow. I was actually wanting to leave it dirty to 500-1000 to see if it was glockesqe in its abilty to fire no matter what?

    2. What should I absolutely know about Steyrs M40-A1...I did read about the first gen issues but I also read that they are no longer issues. Is there anything else about this gun? Is it finikey? Is any particular part prone to breakage?

    3. What should I do to her next (Syn...I read about some hogue tool grips you have, can you pm me I am interested in checking these out)? Parts to change out? Mods to improve trigger, etc.?

    4. My next purchase will be a nice rifle any suggestions on a rifle to shoot long distance with....I wanted to be LRRP when I was a kid....shit happens....
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    Just clean and lubricate, then shoot a lot.

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    or shoot a lot, then clean and lube.

    it's a steyr. you can't hurt it. if you're completely lack on the maintenance she might hiccup.

    treat her like socks. dirty will still work, clean is better.

    a steyr hs50 is a great gun for long distances. but gun controlifornia has clamped down on the 1/2" projectile.

    look into the .338 lapua cartridge. if a gun company is serious enough to make a rifle chambered for it, it's good enough rifle for most anyone.

    want to keep it on the cheap? look into the weatherby vanguard .308, .270, 30-06 listed from most accurate to least. they also have a certified/tested M.O.A. line.

    if you want accuracy, you'll have to get spendy on the scope. you're paying for glass and you need the good stuff to see anything past 300 yards.

    you can't drive your ferrari very fast if you can't see out of the visor on your helmet... get my drift?
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    The most convenient place to get the tool grip from is here. Pay no mind to the "these grips do not fit firearms" at the top of the page. Order the SMALL size code. Welcome to the club!
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    Thanks fellas, glad to hear I can't hurt the gun as I just got back from the range and put another 200 rounds through her...and there was a couple of hotties there...that twice in a row....too bad they already had dudes....I guess a pretty girl who likes guns gets snaped up pretty quick....

    Thanks for the suggestion BT I will check those out for sure

    Thanks for the link syn....

    I love this gun, and if its not already stickied (I can't remember) you guys need to sticky the suggested gun hold that I read about here. I tried it today and my shooting is way improved, coming from a weaver it's a bit aquard but I am shooting real nice groups....

    ******nevermind I saw it is already stickied...well for anyone is doubt or who cringed at the awkwerd (damn it how do you spell that dang word) feel...I am a convert....just trying to get used to it so that it becomes second nature.....damn I guess I am going to have to go to the range at least once a week for the next couple of months (poor wallet screams in the background.....nnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo)

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    I like the .300 Winchester Mag for 800 meters or so.
  7. bigtaco

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    300 win mag has been a staple of accuracy for people who found the .308 wimpy. lots of options with this very popular caliber.
  8. Wulf

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    300 Win Mag!!! :shock:

    You guys are nutz! :shock: 7MM Rem Mag is more comfortable ta shoot and OTB, very accurate. But ifn ur goin' to the range for a bit o' fun, its hard ta beat a 308 Win. OTOH, 300 Win Mag has the most potential and you guys are dead on target for "most popular". If ur goin' the 300 Win Mag route, put some $ into a muzzle brake and a long heavy bbl to make up for the loss of performance due to the muzzle brake. Shorter barreled feather weight 300 Win Mag's are very hard ta get used to for a nice day at the range actually pullin' the trigger unless pullin' the trigger an' beatin' the piss outta ur fillings is part of your comfort zone. :shock: And yeah, BT...scopes made for 300 + yds o' business are pricey, usually costin' way more than the rifles they're mounted to. Of the calibers so far discussed in this thread and given an unlimited budget, however, I would choose the 338 Lapua for my long range fun, I suppose. But, till I'm inna position ta spend about $3-$5K or more, I'll stick to my whimpy little 308 Win. <shrug> Hehehehe...FWIW, free info and worth every penny. :p BTW, welcome to The Club, *Willy :) Keep 'er clean and lightly lubed, feed 'er good ammo...and shoot the piss outta 'er!!! :p Don't be scared. 8)