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Just got a Steyr M9....slight issue.

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Love the gun. I noticed however when I pull the slide back to load a round into the chamber, the slide stops right before the round is in battery....and my hand is off the slide. Any idea why? Is this common?

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Are you hand loading the round in the chamber, or feeding from the magazine?
My M40 did that if I didn't let it snap back hard enough. It never happened during firing. Give it some time to break in.
okay thank you. I figured it was normal. How many rounds is the break in? Thanks.
usually ~500 some people have had to run upwards of 1k to smooth out operations. Trigger will also wear in during that time.

you probably know this, but... Do not ride the slide foward, either release from slidelock using the release or by pulling back on the slide from locked and releasing.
Yeah, I do know not to ride it in, but I sometimes do as a personal function test, to see if the slide will still close and lockup. In this case it doesn't but I don't think it's that big of an issue. It may later on, it's just the first I have seen do this. I am used to owning Glocks and HK's, but this Steyr seems to be right on par so far.
This happens with my M9 as well but only with a full mag. The first shell may be binding against some part of the slide or ejector...? Wonder if a stronger slide spring would help?
Perhaps I should call Steyr USA?
Love this M9 and have faith it will eventually heal itself, same way my old BMW frequently does.
actually you can speed up the process by just sitting around watching TV repeatedly racking the slide. Just be sure to triple check clear and have no live ammo in the room.
I guess the question I have is, does anyone else that has a M9 have this problem? I can take pics of what it looks like if anyone wants me to. I also have a video if I can find a host.
Having a handgun not go into battery from a slow hand cycle is not unusual.

The recoil spring must overcome a disconecctor and the friction of the loaded magazine placing a round against the slide.

I've had several handguns that operated like this. Many of them had no issues when cycling under recoil.
Yeah, your right. My previously owned guns never did this. I have loaded just 1 round in the magazine and it still does it, but under recoil it's fine. Just wanted to make sure there wasnt a problem that could result in a KB or something similiar.
Well, I took it out to the pit the other day and it fired flawlessly. No FTF or nothing. Great little gun.
My M9 was my first pistol so I had so many adjustments to consider..

not familiar how a pistol works so I thought it was not a good piece but dead wrong as I have discovered with my frequent use that its just the best semi-auto that one could get.... I have now a .45 1911 but my M9 is still and the most accurate pistol I have handled. Well probably because the 45 is a much higher caliber but the feel is just different...

it's just wonderful!
I now have 600 rounds through my S9 and mine does the same thing every couple a mags. It will happen in the middle of a magaze too. The thing I'm more concerned about it my trigger doesn't reset once in a while and the only thing I can do to reset it is to rack the slide to eject the live shell and when I release it, it's fine.
Hmmm, I wonder if this an issue only with the M-9, I've never had that happen with my M-40.
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