Just got a "new" S-9 from CDNN, but with wear?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, May 6, 2005.

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    Just got my S9 from CDNN, but there's some indication of wear. I am wondering if that's with all the "new" S9 from CDNN, or just mine? I understand they're old stock but for pistols sold as new condition, they exhibit wears that shouldn't be there.

    First of all, the slide catch area on the slide is showing alot of white, I am guessing it would take some wear to remove the Tennifer finish. There's Sig-like smilies on barrel exterior, but that's pretty minor. The interior of barrel however is filthy. I was able to scrub it clean, but if that's result of factory test firing, that's the most powder burn I've ever see. What bothers me however is the area leading up to throat of the barrel. I'm not sure if it's how Steyr made their barrels, but most other mfg have rifling starting very crispily, but this one's barrel rifling starts off very shallow, and then becomes more pronounced aand normal looking after 1/8" beyond the throat. If this was a Sig barrel, this is what the barrel would look like after at least few hundred rounds.

    There's also some wear on frame rails, minor wear on breech face, underside of slide, all of which I cleaned up. Also one oddity is the surface of disassembly latch, there's some thing on it, I can't tell if it's rust, but I haven't tried steel wool to get it off. Another issue is the foam insert in the box is broken at top edge, and it's all crooked inside.

    All of the stuff is pretty cosmetic to be honest, but I dont' buy new guns much and when I do, I'd like to be able to feel it's new instead of "used" even if like new. CDNN has excellent prices, but when it's sold as a new gun, it should be new irregardless of the price. The bottomline is that I don't mind an extensively factory testfired gun, but what I'm worried about is that this could be a returned item CDNN received after the previous owner found something wrong with it reliability wise. Personally I'd feel guilty to return it if I fire it myself, and it's hard to ascertain reliability problems with just a mag or two. What do you think? Should I arrange for my FFL to do exchange with CDNN?




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    Similar to how mine came. Dirty barrel. Carbon on the breech face.
    Also with brass residue on the mag followers.
    but it's supposed to be new.

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    since cdnn took delivery from the old steyr importer it is possible those guys might've done who knows what.

    contact brian (majd) at cdnn is the only advice i can give.
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    looks more worn on the barrel than mine is

    and I have about 800 rounds through mine. Mine came brand spankin new.
  5. Yeah, send it back and exchange it for a better condition one fast. Chances are if you make it clear to CDNN that you are unhappy with the wear that is on your pistol they will carefully select a better quality one for you. I hear great things about CDNN and I'm sure they'll do right by you. Just don't fire the weapon yourself obviously and send it back fast.

    Get what you want and that way you'll be happy instead of always focusing in on the flaws.
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    Thanks for the affirmation! You know what I realized? Is there suppose to be a manual in the box??? I looked everywhere, even tried to pry up the foam insert and there's no manual! I've been reading about Steyr so much that I was able to break it down w/o thinking to look for the manual until just now. I'm guessing there should be one?
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    My manual was under the foam of the box lid.
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    Hmmm, I can lift the foam on box lid about half way up, but nothing's there? Could it be under the foam under the gun itself? I can't seem to lift that part up.
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    Nope should have been in the top (that's why the foam comes out half way).

    I agree with what has already been said. Call CDNN and let them know whats up so they can fix things right away.

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    My M9 came with a manual, but I found it strange that the manual appeared to be "used". Several of the pages had been covered over with large stickers reflecting updated info...which is no big deal as Steyr did change importers along the way. However, there was supposed to be a tear-off warranty registration card that someone had removed. I sent a email to USA Steyr to see if this is a big deal...currently awaiting their response.

    The gun itself appears to be unfired.

    I'm sure CDNN will fix you up. I have returned stuff to them in the past for excahnge with no problems.
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    I bought an M9 and S9 and both had the same wear marks. The S9 also had a rubbed area on the slide and frame. The S9 was dirty and appear to be externally the worst for wear. However, after removing the extractor there was no gunk build up. The M9 on the other hand had the gunk buildup in the extractor. I’m not sure whether they had been used or not. I doubt they were and suspect it’s more of a mfring issue since the wear appears to be consistent on both my guns and yours. Either way, I didn’t feel it was significant enough to merit my returning them to obtain a pristine condition gun which I would probably scratch and scuff eventually. Additionally, you’ll have to pay an FFL again since you’re receiving another handgun.

    Also, I’m not sure how easy the returns are with CDNN. I also received 2 FN HiPowers and specifically requested different markings. Apparently, the guns that were shipped were not examined and I received identical makings which was kind of annoying. I called Brian to see if I could exchange one. I was told that it would be problem, but not that it couldn’t be done. I then cleaned the weapon and what appeared to be surface rust appeared on my cleaning patches. The gun was also very dirty which led me to believe that a whole mag instead of one bullet was used to test fire. In the end, it is now cleaned and lubed.

    Overall, for the price I’m satisfied with the guns. I would like for them to be NIB with no scuffs, surface rust or other issues. But, I realize these are liquidated guns that have been sitting around for a long time and therefore may have been handled a little more than usual. Mine did come with manuals but missing the warranty cards. I can understand if you want to return it though. First, I would call the salesperson and see if they have any that are in better condition. In the future I will also ask that they personally open the case and examine the gun before shipping. I’m sure they will as they were very cooperative in examining their stock for me. Hopefully, this will avoid any mix ups.

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    Did you find your manual? Just curious since I was reeading all the threads on this forum and noticed your response to "2ndAmendment" , https://www.steyrclub.com/modules.php?na ... opic&t=453, seems to indicate that you had your manual since you knew it was M9 manual for S9.

    Ditto what Icdd said on S9 and return.
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    Oh no, still did not find the "real" manual. I have been looking at a S9 manual copy I had an internet friend scan for me, and I guess it'll do for now.

    Thanks for all the encouragement, I've contacted my FFL to contact CDNN about exchanging it. Stay tuned. I've been so looking forward to this pistol, it's the most "exotic" handgun, I've been a traditional 1911 guy.
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    I think we got our guns on the same day! What was your gun dated and the serial # range? My manual was under the foam on the top lid. See my concern in another post about the M9 diagram (showing a M40).

    Not sure who Brian at CDNN is. I noticed he has been mentioned many places on this forum. I called the 800 number and dealt w/ Neil - A#1 top notch. If I order from CDNN again I would request Neil again.

    Realistically, I doubt Neil or Brian selected the guns and shipped the guns. There is probably an entire staff responsible for shipping. I got lucky - my S9 is absolutely virgin. Even the extractor pin was clean. 4-5 years in unknown storage conditons.........

    You were smart to inspect the gun and completely justified asking for a replacement. Hope you don't get stuck with another FFL fee!
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    My M9 has a tiny bit of wear under where the slide stop touches the slide but thats it. My manual was also under the foam on the top hinge of the case. I couldn't be happier. My gun is 29xxx and was manufactured in January 2002.
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    brian at cdnn is MajD here and on GT forums. He is as big of a fan of the steyrs as any of us and let's us in on some price/inventory alerts from cdnn sometimes. We're all jealous of the fantastic ammo deals he gets working there. :p

    He is a salesman and on commission so we try to refer people to him.
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    I just got my gun from FFL on thursday but I think he received earlier in the week. Mine's 32xxx, but surprisingly, the mfg date on frame is '01 and somewhere between Oct and Nov. Maybe the frame's made in batches, and then a whole batch get assembled? I just find it surprising that my serial is bigger than Zaire's but date is older.
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    I ordered (2) S9s and a M9. The S9s were perfect but the M9 had alot of wear on it so I didn't have my FFL transfer it to me. I just spoke to Tracey @ CDNN and they're going to send out a replacement M9. They're great guys to deal with!

    Hopefully, my replacement M9 will be in better shape.
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    I notice several people have mentioned the date codes on their pistols. Where are these located on the S9 and how does one interpret it? Mine is serial number 034xxx. Does that help date it?

    And I bought my "new" from a dealer whom i know well. It also came without a manual (my son't M9, purchased new in 2003 had a manual in the lid) and only two 10rd magazines. Should there have been more? When my son bought his it came with three mags.
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    I own two S9's; one with a serial #33xxx and the other #34xxx.

    The first was manufactured in Oct. 2001, the second in Nov. 2001.

    My guess would be that yours came off the line in late `01 or early `02. If you want to date it exactly, just strip the pistol and look for the manufacture date code on the inside of the frame.

    The code is an arrow enclosed within a circle that's stamped on the polymer surface of the frame. Arrow indicates the month of manufacture and the number stamped in the middle of the circle indicates the year. Just below the front guide rails.

    I've never bought a gun from CDNN, but both my S9's arrived w/ manual and two (2) ten-round mags. I believe that's standard.