Just did the extractor cleaning by Hihoslva

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Apr 22, 2005.

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    I needed to clean my extractor since it would barely move on my brand new S9.

    I was going to try thr other method posted on the old board but was waiting for hihoslva's method to be posted.
    So today I noticed it and tried it. It was seriously extremely easy. took it out used a little clp and a half patch. Put it back together and now it moves with finger pressure. I think I just might have to go take it shooting now(it's still a virgin)
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    Good job and start shooting the damn thing now will ya!

    Open question:

    I am a mechanical dunce. I THINK I can follow this process but is it safe for me to assume that all external extractors can be disassembled and assembled by analogous methods or not? May have to get to that 1911 extractor one of these days (it is an external one yes -sorry JMB purists!)

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    I would not assume all extractors are the same. While there are similarities, each manufacturer will have their own methods of construction.

    However, if disassembling the Steyr extractor can give you some confidence to tackle other projects, go for it. The Steyr extractor is incredibly simple to take apart & reassemble, so it should be a good starter project for you.
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    Yeah once I got it apart and saw how it worked I was like dang. It took litterally a few seconds to remove and to re-install. it's really such a simple design yet it works.

    And no I STILL haven't shot mine yet. I'm having a very hard time findning 9mm ammo so I may have to order some. I tried 3 wal-marts 1 k-mart and a target and found almost nothing in terms of ammo(did buy what they had left but not worth going to the range with it yet)
    And I'm sorry but I refuse to pay the range TWICE the price that wal-mart charges. I'd pay 2 or 3 more to support the shop but double they can kiss my ejector!
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    They're not all created equally. I still can't figure out how to remove the extractor on some of my other guns the steyr just seems to have a VERY simplistic design.