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Just bought a used M40....

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Hello, tonight I took a trip to the local range here in Orlando and test fired a few different models (Glock 23, the new S&W MP40, and another one I can't remember).

Anyhow, I've read the great reviews for the steyrs, and figured I'd do more research. After reading a lot, I figured I would want to try one, however I called virtually every shop here - no one had any (if they did, they sold out earlier, apparently).

Well, I found on on Gunbroker for $300 that was practically as new, apparently. I contacted the seller, and all seemed legit, so I took the plunge!

Hopefully after reading more on here it is one of the more recent models with the newer trigger design.

The only issue I may have is the mag release - I am a lefty! I hope that from what I saw in another thread, that it is possible to swap the button. Who knows, will have to wait and see.

Now I just have to go through a NICS, and FFL - and I'm golden!!
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FlaChef said:
Welcome to the Rat Town Steyroids club.
There's a few of us around, send a PM if you ever wanty to go shooting locally.
Cool, where do you guys usually go? I went to a place on Forsythe the other night. Not a bad place...

I can't believe there really are no dealers around here that carry Steyr's....What a shame.
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