Just bought a used M40....

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by opto_isolator, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. opto_isolator

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    Hello, tonight I took a trip to the local range here in Orlando and test fired a few different models (Glock 23, the new S&W MP40, and another one I can't remember).

    Anyhow, I've read the great reviews for the steyrs, and figured I'd do more research. After reading a lot, I figured I would want to try one, however I called virtually every shop here - no one had any (if they did, they sold out earlier, apparently).

    Well, I found on on Gunbroker for $300 that was practically as new, apparently. I contacted the seller, and all seemed legit, so I took the plunge!

    Hopefully after reading more on here it is one of the more recent models with the newer trigger design.

    The only issue I may have is the mag release - I am a lefty! I hope that from what I saw in another thread, that it is possible to swap the button. Who knows, will have to wait and see.

    Now I just have to go through a NICS, and FFL - and I'm golden!!
  2. Shooter

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    I'm a lefty also but I don't switch any of my pistols over. Why? Your index finger does a good job of releasing the mag and you sure know it isn't on the trigger in the process. I decided i would rather be able to pick up any firearm and use it "unconsiously" without regard to "lefty" specials.....and it works nicely on pistols that you have to "shift" slightly to release the mag like the 1911....

  3. aubie515

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    The Steyr pistols do not allow you to switch the mag drop. Some pistols allows you to do this FNP and CZ Compacts, but not the Steyr...at least I don't see that being possible.
  4. FlaChef

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    Welcome to the Rat Town Steyroids club.
    There's a few of us around, send a PM if you ever wanty to go shooting locally.
  5. opto_isolator

    opto_isolator New Member

    Cool, where do you guys usually go? I went to a place on Forsythe the other night. Not a bad place...

    I can't believe there really are no dealers around here that carry Steyr's....What a shame.
  6. FlaChef

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    the place on Forsyth is East Orange Shooting Sports.
    try checking out their Mon night "pracical" shoots (7-9pm every Mon) to get a good idea for what ipsc/idpa/icore is like.

    I usually just go to the shooting gallery (on JYP across from the jail) because it's les sthan 2 miles from the house, and I'm in there often enough they rarely charge me anymore. Also there and Oak Ridge gun Range are the only places in town that will let you shoot rapid fire, and out of the holster.

    In the Florida Glockers forum on Glocktalk.com there is an old thread on ranges in CFL you can search.