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So I've been glaring at a Steyr M40 for about a week at my local gunshop.
A small shop with mostly shotguns. I've ran across some goodies here before, so I stop in as often as I can.
I came across this Steyr, knew nothing about it, and have been looking for a nice composite piece and wanted nothing to do with Glock.
Not that I don't like them, it's just they are like Civics, everyone has one.
So after doing some research, mostly on here, I bought it today.
It shows a manufacture date of 07/99 with a serial number of 0018xx.

Not sure if it had the trigger work or not, I'll shoot it this weekend and decide whether or not I think it has.
I'm very excited.
I have a Beretta 9000 .40S&W and the Steyr feels like it was made for my hand. The Beretta by comparison is thick but too short for my pinky finger to fit the grip.
Very impressed by the fit and finish.
Here are some pics.

By the way, nice site here.

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Your new piece has the old style 8lb trigger.

Steyr Arms Inc in Georgia will retrofit a new style trigger w/ a 5lb pull for free. Call the number in the sticky posted in the Industry News section.

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First off...welcome to the board. Very friendly and helfpul people on here...always willing to help someone new to Steyr ownership. One of my favorite sites to visit.

I am sure you will like/love the M40 the more you shoot it. I also picked up a slightly used M40 this week as well. I didn't even shoot it yet because I shipped it off yesterday to Tripp Research. I am having it hard chromed, so it will be at least two weeks before I get to take her to the range. If you need/want more M40 mags...CDNN has them for the super low price of $10 per mag...shipping is a flat $10, so load up on mags and save money.

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I think you'll really like the M40 I have nothing, but good things to say about my M40 and new M40A1 both great pistols.

A couple of things to remember though:

1) The Steyr takes a little more cleaning and lubrication than say a Glock would;

2) Use quality ammunition, CCI Blazer Brass and WWB are examples of cheap pistol ammo most of use use and have had success using;

3) Erratic ejection is sometimes a problem with brand new M-series and you'll have to put about 500 rounds through it to cure that.

Other wise, have fun the thing is a dream to shoot. Oh yeah, and like others have said get that trigger upgrade if it doesn't have it yet.
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