Just bought a M40 and I have some questions

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Apr 17, 2005.

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    I tried to follow the directions on another thread on this site that detailed steps to remove the trigger and rails from the reciever of my M40 but I couldn't get past pressing the limited access lock button down and pulling it out. It wouldn't budge and I couldn't seem to press the button in far enough. Any trick to disassembling the reciever?

    While we're on this topic, is there anything I can do to lighten the trigger a pound or two?
  2. hihoslva

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    Just to be certain:

    Did you get the safety bar out first?

    Now lets assume the answer is "yes".......

    You should not have to push the lock button in much further than you would to actually lock the gun. If you can use the key and operate the lock, you should be able to pull the action out of the frame.

    I usually use the supplied key to press the lock button, and then use both the key and the trigger to push up and get the action started on its way out. Understand, the barrel end of the frame has to come up & out first - it will "hinge" on the rear of the gun. If you look, you will see the tabs that the action locks into in the rear of the frame.

    As far as lightening the trigger - get the action out first. You can then inspect the assembly, and give it a clean & light lube. I can't say my triggers have become "lighter" from this, but they did get a bit smoother, IMO.

    Keep trying - you'll get it.

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    Pull your trigger all the way forward before you try to push the key lock in all the way.
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    That'll do it. I strugled with the same thing for a while until I pop the trigger forward after that it was cake.
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    I'll try the trigger thing. Thanks guys.
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    Worked like a dream, IDPA. Finally got to that area under the striker release and it smoothed out alot. Almost feels lighter, especially with a slow steady trigger squeeze.

    Thanks for all your help.
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    Mine was the same. After the full disassembly and a good cleaning/lube, the trigger became much smoother.
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    Now, If I can only find someone that either makes or imports the conversion barrels for my M40 I'd be happy. :D
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    Where is tutorial to disasemble the receiver? It's not in the Maintenance section.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Here's one: http://www.vbrpc.org/steyrguide/

    Not sure if it's the one referenced earlier, but I found the pics to be quite helpful (not that I've yet had the need or the guts to do it, mind you).
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    Sweet! That is a guide I had seen before but didn't bookmark. Definitely looks more complicated than the slide disassembly.

    My S9 trigger seems to have gotten worse in the last thousand rounds instead of better - with a bit more creep than I originally recall. I too would like to lighten it by at least a pound. My hope is that it is similar to the extractor with caked up/dried out gunk and will improve considerably once a thorough cleaning is completed.

    Thanks again!

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    i put that link into the dissasmbly thread on like the second day of the forums :roll:

    guess i should've started a different thread...
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    Thanks Chef! I made this an article under "Articles and Information".