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has anyone read or heard of a gathering at washington D.C. on 26th july?

i'm thinking this will be like a peaceful protest aimed at congress in support of the core basics of the consitution.

here's some of the return i got from email but there's no link:(

Citizens For The United States Constitution
Citizens For The Constitution is a group formed for Americans who value their Constitutional rights. We have seen our rights eroded over the years while our elected officials do what is in their best interest. We want to stand up for our rights and let our voices be heard before we lose the right to do so. We are forming a citizens protest at the National Mall in Washington DC on July 26th, 2009. This is a peaceful gathering to remind our elected officials of our nation's core values.

if this IS happening i will travel up from central florida to attend.
this may very well be the last time for some of us to do the 60's protest.

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