JHP and FMJ Compatible Combination

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    Has anyone settled on a 147gr cartridge combination, of both JHP and FMJ, that'll provide adequate bedside table protection with the JHP, and a reasonably similar shooting experience, and less cost, with the FMJ for the range? Thanks!!
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    After months of studying the Caliber Corner Forum of GlockTalk.com and other ballistics threads, I am confident of the performance of the Winchester Ranger-T 147 grain loads. Great penetration, consistent expansion and the additional bonus of those "talons" for additional wounding capability make them my carry round of choice. I believe they also have a good street record in actual LE shootings and have performed well in test by the reputable Ammolab.

    For competitive advantage in IDPA matches, I usually shoot Lancer Ammo Competition Loads in 147 grain FMJ (claimed 895 fps), which I think have a soft "push" recoil impulse compared to WWB 115s and perceived faster shot-to-shot recovery.

    I have shot the Lancer 147 Competition Loads back-to-back with the Ranger-T 147s in my M9 and S9. Much to my surprise, the Winchester Ranger-T 147s shoot just about as softly as the Lancer Competition loads, giving me even more confidence. With this ammo, at 7 yards I can double-tap consistent pairs in the "down zero" 6-inch center of an IDPA target at about .18-.25 splits.

    Hope this helps.