Jesse Jackson holding 25-cities protest against guns on 8/28

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dobry, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Dobry

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    I thought everyone should know that Rev. Jackson has organized a massive anti-gun protest in 25 cities.

    He's calling for sweeping gun-sales bans, more gun laws, and other such nonsense, and claiming that "people who buy guns from gun shops kill people".

    How ignorant can someone be??

    Here's the NRA article ... px?id=3214
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    Re: Jesse Jackson holding 25-cities protest against guns on

    ....we are talking about Rev. Jesse Jackson, are we not?

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  3. Syntax360

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    Perhaps those with the funds should hold off on their next purchase until the 28th? He can support his cause and we'll support ours...
  4. QPluralisT

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    On a deeper level, this is a despicable way to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Not that I would dare compare the plight of Black Americans in the Civil Rights Era to gun restrictions of today, but the same humility seems to have skipped Jackson. While I agree with Jackson's original premise that crooked gun stores need to be dealt with (who doesn't?), it seems cheap PR has overtaken progress in the creation of a safer America to Jackson. I was hoping Jackson would spend Tuesday helping raise support for a certain innocent man on death row, but apparently Dr. King's "Dream" only applies when cheap PR isn't available. Truly outrageous.

    I have to agree with the NRA article, counter-protesting is always counter-productive. As the article says, write letters to paper editors that are well thought out and rhetoric free. This is a fringe-left mobilization, lots of fun to put on the telly and stare at, but I doubt it is going to be "massive" much less policy moving.

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    Wasn't going to buy aother gun so soon, so I deliberately went out and at least bought ammo.