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Jackash guide rod?

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I sent an email to 12volt man about his SS guide rod....has anyone used one? Also, I did a search on here and could not find any information on which wolff spring to use...any information would be greatly appreciated.
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no known aftermarket springs exist.
couple people were going to do some experimenting, but no word yet.
I installed a Jackash rod right after I got the gun. I removed the captured spring from the factory original and use it uncaptured with the new rod. It takes a little finesse to get it reinstalled, but it's not impossible.

The rod is high quality and has performed flawlessly.

12Volt does the work as a side business...he has a "day job". Don't be surprised if he's a bit slow on returning your email. He's also recovering from a recent injury, so I think his guide rod work got a little backed up. If you want a rod, I'd go ahead and place an order -- he'll get it turned out as quickly as he can -- and you'll be very happy with it!

Hope he is alright....I read the thread about some people testing different springs. How difficult would it be to remove the factory spring? I have never field stripped the M9, so I don't know if it's designed like the Glocks. I suppose I should just take a few days and just read through all of the threads, so I don't ask the same questions that you see on other forums. I just want to make sure that my M9 functions flawlessly and I am confident that with the aid of everyone on this site, that will happen.
Removing the captured spring from the factory rod takes about 5 minutes. The real trick is measuring it and figuring out a replacement. But like I said, I have no problem using the factory spring with the new rod. People have talked about trying some alternatives, but I don't know if anyone has actually gotten around to doing it yet!
Does anyone have a SIGPRO? I know they have the flat recoil springs and they are non-captured and they have a plastic guide rod. Could the whole setup work or maybe just the spring?
I am using a Jackash guide rod with the stock spring and it works perfectly. I am very happy with my guide rod, the polish he puts on it is outstanding. You may have to wait a few weeks to get it, but it is worth the wait.
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