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I've gone over to the "S" side.....

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Went out to LOOK at guns today - trying to find a suitable carry weapon for my wife besides the somewhat wimpy .32 Beretta she's got.

Wound up buying her a .380 FireStorm, but I digress....

Of course while in the shop, I get to talking to the owner about my M9. He carries an M40, and loves it.

Then he says the magic words:

"I have an S9 in the back".


The minute I held it in my hand, I knew it'd be going home with me. The weight reduction from the M is perfect. To me, it makes the gun feel more balanced. Hot damn, it's comfortable - I really think I like it better than the M.

So now I'm the proud owner of both an M9 and S9! Hooray for me!
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Damnit, now I'm gonna have to break down and buy one. I was going to go for a HiPower, but I don't wanna miss out on the cheap S9's.

You are the Devil.
I have the M40 and I have no time to go out and shoot her :(

But I think the S9 might just be the perfect compliment. Once I decide the M is "duty" ready, then an S would be perfect as an off duty gun
I have both an M40 and an S40 and every time I take them to the range I come back liking the S a little bit more.

Thats part of the reason I bought the carbine kit for my M40 ... because otherwise it might just become a safe queen 8O
Well, I'll be damned if the M becomes a safe-dweller.

At the very least, I can take 'er out and do the double-hand shooting thing like some movie star - only when shooting in the desert, of course; me thinks the range masters would disapprove....:).

The more I hold the S, the more I like it. I don't have large hands, so the shortened butt actually feels better to me. The whole package just feels more natural. The S will definitely be my carry of choice, so long as it proves itself as reliable as my M. A few hundred rounds this weekend oughtta tell the tale.......
It doesn't make any sense, but I have always shot my S series guns better then the fullsize. You might be suprised how great the S9 shoots.
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