It's time we had a REAL discussion about what to control!

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    For those of you concerned about this latest assult on our civil liberties, may I please direct your attention to the following website:

    Here you will find, among other things, a list of gun crimes committed while the perpertrator was either taking, or in withdrawal from taking psycotropic drugs such as Prozac. There are at least 66 incidents, and they are world wide!

    The medical establishment is turning a blind eye. What's worse, they're doping many of our fellow citizens with chemicals that demonstratively change the chemical make-up of their brains, and further more, do so with the express intent of changing their behavior, regardless of the potential outcome.

    Given the vigorous "War on Drugs" against demonstrably benign pot users, I find it exceedingly strange that there is no discussion of these risky chemicals which are "accepted" into polite society with no qualms what-so-ever. It makes Timothy Leary look like a saint!
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    It is an issue that needs to be addressed... but hey it doesn't fit their agenda so why bother! That is why it is not discussed. They have their agenda and they are sticking to it... they always had one they just needed an excuse to talk about it and ram it down our throats. I work in the ER trust me I KNOW!!! I deal with the trash every day! I have to waste your money to treat these scum bags who act as if it is their right to my services. I am treated like I owe them my skills and as if they deserve it.

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    The purpose of drug laws , which are a liberal-proggresive idea , is to force us into doctors offices to get prescribed these poisons like prozac, effexor, zoloft, depacote etc. etc. . The human body is desighned to use opiates and cannabis that is why we have specefic receptor sites for these medicines in our brains and bodies.
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    I certainly agree with you gents!

    Here's a group maybe not everyone has heard of: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition,

    A few years back I went to an endocrinologist, as I was having disturbing episodes where I'd wake up from a dead sleep with severe pounding heartbeat. All tests everywhere were "normal." The doc said, "I don't know what's wrong with you; do you want some Prozac?"

    I was practically crying, but I got out, "NO!"

    The cause? Probably grief symptoms, occurring several months after my father's death. God made remedies in the form of flowers and "weeds" but there was none of that for me. :(
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    Would we need doctors if we could grow our own medicine in our own gardens ? Yes , but only for emergencies !