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It's slowly happening

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Spoke with Brian Hoffner at Hoffners custom leather.
He can make me a custom level I duty holster for the M40A1. It's not inexpensive but it will work on a temporary basis.

I also have an eye on his Hybrid warrior series. (kydex and leather)

Also considering this, depsite the price

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That Hybrid Warrior holster looks very nice. Does that fellow Brian already have an MA1 mold or do you have to send the pistol in to him to make a holster (assuming a mold for an M40A1 would be identical to an M9A1, correct?
I have to give him my gun.
He's located here in Houston and I'll have him make a duty holster and the warrior for me at the same time off my gun.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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