It's not a crime to fabricate news...!!!???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by raul1427, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I found this story to be utterly disgusting. It is a whistle-blower report about how "Fox News" attempted to distort the news in order not to lose advertising dollars. Check out the link to the 10 minute long video and tell me what you think. :evil:
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    I'd say "well that's Fox News for ya" but really they all do that. Fox News is a corporation, meaning it's primary purpose is to make money, which is not an inherently bad thing. Thankfully the internet is putting a big dent in corporate medias ability to control what we know and how much we know, as in this video.

    It's only a crime to fabricate news in the United States if it threatens the security of the state. (i.e. Fox News tells it's viewers to violently overthrow the government) Or more plainly, "you can't yell fire in a crowded theater", Venezuela just put down one of their broadcasters last year under a similar law in their state.

    Fox News is probably the easiest bag to punch due to their plurality of journalistic failures, but this would have been a more effective video had they focused on corporate media as a whole.

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    Frankly, I think Fox News is too liberal, but then my politics are somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun. For news, I go to the Internet. By the time TV gets around to reporting "news" on virtually any topic it's already been reported, discussed, dissected, bloviated, ridiculed, blogged, skewered and moved on to a new topic hours or days before on the 'Net.

    I particularly like, Hot Air, Michelle Malkin and the Ace of Spades HQ. If something is going on anywhere in the world, they're most likely writing about it. :mrgreen:
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    Instapundit is a pretty good catch all Right-center blog too IMO.
    raul1427, the problem with your idea can be summed up in a single question;

    Who gets to decide what's "fabricated" and meters out the punishment?

    Every single tyranny in history had some form of "Ministry of Truth".
    If you don't think your "News Crime Police" would be by design, at inception a tool of those who have or seek power, you're being very naive.

    Controlling information is the ultimate power.
    More so than money.
    You can dupe people into happily giving you all their money with the right set of unchallenged lies. Never mind freedom.

    Look at how much the egotistical MSM distorts the news right now battling out all their petty pet causes and vendettas.

    What do you think will happen when they can MAKE the news fit their ideas and literally eliminate the competition? :shock:

    raul1427, you really need to read the Constitution and the Federalist papers.
    The Founding Fathers made freedom of speech The First Amendment for the very reason I've posted above.
    They also knew that a lot of people would abuse it for personal reasons, but believed that YOU would see through it and speak the truth.

    The Second Amendment is to keep the First from being "moderated" as you suggested.
    What you suggested is known as "infringement ".

    Thanks for the link on what Fox News has lied about.
    If you really want to get PO-ed about media lies, take a look at the telecommunications bill that was passed in `06.
    It was a giant multi billion dollar give away to ALL the big media corporations, pushed by their lobbyists.
    Naturally, the MSM buried the story deep. :evil: