its a long shot but could i ask for your help?

Discussion in 'The Soap Box' started by darksidemxer, May 18, 2010.

  1. darksidemxer

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    In florida we had the legal right to open carry in 1987 for a whopping 8 days then it was petitioned and our freedom was revoked. Again a petition to give us our right back is underway, so if u don't mind signing it that would be great. Thank you for your time.
  2. Broondog

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    unfortunately i would be no better than those ACORN idiots if i were to cast a vote for a petition involving matters specific to another state. i'm sorry, i just can't do it.

    but i do feel that OC should be legal and uninfringed in all 50 states and applaud the efforts of the citizens of FL to get this problem fixed in their state. are you a member at there are state specific forums there that could garner you more state specific responses and coordinate your activities on this matter.

    i'm a member over there and have been working diligently to get full preemption passed in MO for a number or years. i wish you the best of luck in FL.

  3. chobee143

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    Even though work has me in Ct. right now, I still am a Fl. resident. I'm now signature #1335
  4. BobB

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    I'm all for your 2nd Amendment rights, but open carry is tactically stupid and dangerous. Carry concealed. Always.
  5. Narsil

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    That may be correct, Bobb, but many will argue with you over that statement. However, if you are truly supportive of the second amendment, then you must be supportive of the right to open carry.

    That is all for which we're asking. We want the absolutely unconstitutional "brandishing" law repealed and a law passed guaranteeing our rights under the 2nd amendment.

    Why this is so important. Here in Florida, I have the right to pull my concealed carry firearm, shoot, and kill someone who is imminently threatening my life, another's, or committing a forcible felony (robbery, rape, kidnapping, etc.). I cannot, however, pull my firearm, yell "stop raping that woman NOW!" without shooting the guy. That is considered brandishing should the cops want to be jerks and follow the letter of the law. If there's no imminent need to discharge my firearm, I'm not allowed to "brandish" it.

    Florida law is full of contradictions like this. If you live in an apartment and don't have a concealed carry permit, you are allowed to have your firearm in your apartment and in your car. You are not allowed, however, to have your firearm in any common area of the apartment complex. This means you are not allowed to carry your firearm (boxed or otherwise) from your apartment to your car. Hello?

    We need Open Carry laws to be passed here. We're pretty progressive regarding gun freedoms but there's a ton of asinine laws on the books that OC would immediately fix.
  6. sewerman

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    i signed. though i feel open carry in the wrong crowd invites trouble. i'm for it when hunting, traveling to the range & while walking owned property. i stiil will support the right to do so in any case.

    i'm thinking scenario of old man in a bad place being jumped my thugs to obtain weapon such an incident i feel concealed to be best.