ISO C9 holster w/ C5L and retention

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Branth, Jan 11, 2016.

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    So, I'm in a bit of a predicament, and I'm coming out of my longtime lurking status on the off-chance someone might know of a good solution to my problem.

    I have a Steyr C9 that I am very attached to. It's exceedingly reliable, accurate, and ergonomic, and has never let me down yet. It was the first handgun I ever bought, and has extreme sentimental value to me. I CCW it regularly with a Viridian C5L light/laser combo in a custom holster rig by Cleveland's Holsters - The same rig I posted about here some time ago. The holster I bought is still going strong, BTW, and I can't recommend them enough for CCW use.

    I'm putting together a vest because I'm a huge nerd, and I'd really like to put my Steyr on it. The only spot I really have available is a horizontal mount, and I think I'll need Level 2 retention for it to not fall out - I have a handmade Kydex holster I made myself that is ugly, but it works alright. Horizontally, however, the gun will fall out if I land hard on my right side or in a "push-up" position, which is no bueno. Can't have your gun falling out of your holster.

    Does anyone know where I can find a Level 2 retention holster for the Steyr C9-A1 with a light that mounts to MOLLE gear? I'm certainly willing to pay for custom work, but I don't know of anyone who does custom retention holsters like that.
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    I don't have a Steyr yet (I'm thinking the gun show this weekend will change that) but I have a Blackhawk Omega VI that works well. It comes assembled as a drop leg holster, but that part is removable and MOLLE is all over it. I mounted mine to a vest and I love it. You can easily adjust the dimensions to fit your firearm- which is muy bueno. On eBay, they go for about $75.00. As far as the retention goes, I don't know the level terminology. It's a heavy duty nylon with a strap and a thumb break available to use at the same time if you so desire. I hope this helps!