Is my M9-A1 Broken?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by flying_irishman, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. flying_irishman

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    When I chamber a round very slowly, the slide stops about a 3/16 of an in from locking up. A little nudge, and it locks up... It does this with all ammo types.

    My HK P2000 definitely does not have this problem. If I do the slow chamber test, it locks up like a bank.

    Does your M9 do this? I'm wondering if the M9 design isn't as robust, or do I need a stiffer mainspring? It's like the mainspring isn't stiff enough... I don't know, what do you think?

    Thanks guys!
  2. babj615

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    I don't know of any pistol that is designed to chamber cartridges perfectly every time when the slide is slowly returned to battery.

    If your HK P2000 does, then so be it. Must have more forgiving tolerances!

    The tight tolerances in your Steyr contribute to its great accuracy.

    I doubt anything is wrong with your Steyr, based on the information you have shared.

  3. flying_irishman

    flying_irishman Guest

    Ah, why can't we have it all? It just seems like the mainspring is wimpy. 5-10 more pounds and it would be fine... What would that do to the action? Would it be able to cycle with anything less than a +P+?
  4. bigtaco

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    i don't think that 5-10 pounds would be very good. you're only starting out with @18lbs. i suspect a 23 pound spring would exhibit all kinds of ejection problems.

    until it light primer strikes, i wouldn't even consider it. steyr's have plenty of slide velocity and mass to return to battery during fire.
  5. Shooter

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    If this is a new M9 the chamber is going to be tight and mine did the same thing. I couldn't even lock a Gold Dot round completely. I was freaked :wall: It might need a good complete cleaning if its been sitting around in storage somewhere. Now after a good break in period I don't have that problem. Maybe its the coating on the chamber of a new barrel, I don't know, but I doubt your gun is broken. The more you shoot a Steyr the better it will get. Just shoot it and don't baby the slide forward........
  6. bigbob68

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    I was unaware that the M9A1 had a main spring. The recoil spring is doing exactlly what it should but DO NOT ride the slide forward. Either sling shot it or use the slide release. Your gun is not broken, nor does it need any tweaking. IMO of course.
  7. BulletBait

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    My old Springfield 1911 wouldn't chamber a round if the slide was road home either.
    The Argentinian surplus 1911 does. Both are 100% reliable. YMMV

    Why is this important flying_irishman?