Is it just my imagination re: my M9?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, May 12, 2006.

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    I can't seem to leave the M9 behind! Whenever I pick it up, it's one solid pistol. Whenever I take it to the range, it's always reliable and more accurate than me. Whenever I take it on the road with me, I feel very comforted knowing that I have fifteen rounds that will be there for me if I need it.

    I'm sharing this as I've had it in my you-know-what to purchase another pistol for CCW and whenever I grip the M9, this pistol feel very comforting and most of all...solid.

    I don't usually post this type of thread but do others feel a little the same way about their Steyr? That it's rock solid, well built, reliable, easy to grip and shoot, accurate and most of all, nice to have in a holster?


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    Same here. I think someone just skimming this forum would get the impression that all Steyrs are problematic, but that is not the case. That impression arises from the fact that this is a great place for problem-solving, great maintenance tutorials, advice from people who have shot more than most will in TWO lifetimes. I follow the tutorials for cleaning, have never had a single problem with my M9 or S9, and can't imagine ever shooting anything else again. It just feels right, it just handles like an extension of my arm, and shoots almost too easily. Comforting on the bedside table, in the car, or inside the waistband. Hell, I'm getting all misty-eyed here, somebody stop me before I start talking about a group hug (that will sure get you shot in Alabama) :wink:
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    Folks, some of you know that I posted a little while ago about looking for a Glock 19 to be company to my M9. I had been thinking of a few pistols lately and even in my previous post, I was getting the 'itch' so to speak to get another pistol.

    I just sold my Kahr PM9 so the timing was 'right'. LOL

    I could not believe the pistol when I arrived at my friend's shop earlier this morning. I was mesmerized at the Robar quality work on the G19. The barrel and slide have such an incredibly tight lockup, I was told this will make one 'tack driver'. Plus it's set-up for CCW with the Robar redesign of the grip and added beavertail. The NP3 coated slide and Bar-Sto barrel is smooth and beautiful.

    I have ordered an extended slide stop, four fifteen round mags, 5.5 # trigger spring and SS captive guide rod and recoil spring.

    It will be my accompaniment to the M9, just so that everyone knows I will not abandon the Steyr! :wink:

    Check out the thread in GT that I just posted.
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    Nice Glock.....great price.....
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    That's a nice looking G19 there. I read that you got it in Wheat Ridge... I'm from there, graduated from WRHS, and my mom & sister still live there. I get back at least once a year for the holidays. What's there in the way of gun shops? I wasn't into shooting much when I lived there so I have no idea. Any in particular that I should check out next time I go back? And is the Cabela's still on track to open next year? 8)
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    Not your imagination. Love the ergonomics of my M9. Wish they'd offer a 22lr slide kit for the series.
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    Tom and Joes has been there for many years, in the shopping center of Applejacks. Tom is a good man and knows his firearms very well. Stop in and see him.

    I do believe Cabelas is on their way into town but I don't know the schedule.
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    Huh. I live within a mile of Applejack's and had no idea there was a gun shop in the plaza. I'll have to look for it next time I get back.

    The Cabela's will be very close to there, on the west side of I-70, roughly between where 38th and 44th would extend to.