Is a full strip necessary?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by BigDick, Feb 24, 2013.

To detail strip or not to detail strip?

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  1. BigDick

    BigDick New Member

    I have a M40-A1, I've put maybe a couple hundred rounds through it. I've only ever done the basic field strip as shown in the owner's manual. Right now I'm deployed to Afghanistan and they wouldn't let me take any of my own, nice guns. I have to make do with a beat up M16. But, when I get back, should I follow the walkthroughs that are on the site here and do a complete detail strip? I'm pretty mechanically inclined and am not afraid of taking it apart. I've helped my dad detail strip his Mauser broomhandles with no walkthrough to guide me and have detail stripped my 1911 regularly with walkthroughs. Just wondering if it's necessary or if the pistol will be fine doing a normal field strip and thorough cleaning.
  2. tialloydragon

    tialloydragon New Member

    I would consider detail stripping and cleaning every thousand or two thousand rounds as opposed to every few hundred. The internals don't get dirty enough that quickly to warrant it.

    That said, pulling the fire control module out of the frame is pretty easy; so it couldn't hurt.

  3. Branth

    Branth New Member

    Just watch out for launching springs! When you pull the fire control module out, the spring behind the safety lockout button tends to launch it a bit, and the spring that holds your slide release up also tends to pop out.
  4. dash

    dash Member

    I'm never sure when the M9 will go again, could be a month or a few months, so I always do a detail strip after each range session. If I went once a week, then a brush down the bore and a few spitzes of CLP would be fine until maybe 500 plus rnds. Alot depends on the ammo you use too...some are dirtier than others.