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Irish Augs

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Here is a photo of some fighting Irish with their Augs.

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Nice! You should throw that up in the photo gallery.

By the way... a Porsche fan are we? or does your username mean something else?

I would be the US soldier second row, last on the right, carrying a borrowed AUG with a 40mm launcher attached.
I uploaded another picture of AUG in service use in Irish Army.

Check out the gallery: ... m=6&pos=13
Yup, they were smart to go with the AUG over the other bullpups like the SA-80, FN2000, or the Tavor in my opinion. Combat proven and reliable the AUG is the standard all other bullpups will be measured against. Awesome rifle, wish we could get the A3s over here.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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