interesting article on barrel making

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    little long to copy and put int quote box.

    got a bullet stuck in a m40 and a S&W 40ve. the 40ve has a stainless barrel. the steyr barrel was easier to clean after getting the bullet pushed out. had to use a 12 ton shop press to remove the bullet. hammer and dowel didnt work.

    cant remember what company it was that does 1911 parts but had a picture of a barrel being made and they were using one huge ass piece of stock metal. now I know why.

    just by coincidence and after talking with other members I took a dusty storm lake 1911 barrel and check how the outer diameter of the rifled area matched up to M40 slide and barrel. the outer diameter is a very close fit for the port but the chamber section of the 1911 barrel is too wide and well round. sure a 45acp steyr may be done. sigh :cry:
    while S&W is nice M&P just doesnt do anything for me.
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    Very neat article - thanks for posting.

    Pretty amazing how these are machined - especially when you think about how metal changes with heat,'s amazing to be able to turn out such precision pieces.