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    hello to all pinoy with or without steyr pistol. I just got my new m9 a-1 steyr yesterday and i cant wait to try it out, unfortunately the gun band is near so i might as well just tinker with it. do you know that the slide and barrel of the old steyr m-40 fits well with the new m9 a-1, as well with the magazine. well it does and i bet it will work well to. anyway all the parts mechanism fits the old and new so i wont have any problem finding spare parts if something gets broken. still my old m-40 is still going strong, i wonder if steyr will ever produced one in 45, cant wait , pls e-mail me for comments at [email protected]
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    where are you from?

    I only have one Steyr (M9A1) but do know that older M slides are identical and that they sould work on the newer model frames... :) [/code]

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    welcome nuj kabayan, try to apply gun ban exemption from the comelec